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Do Your Interviews

Do Your Interviews
Little Quick Fix

January 2019 | 132 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Interviews are the most common data collection instrument undergraduates turn to. No matter what discipline or level, someone in the course will be doing some interviews. They’re quick, cheap and students think they’re easy. The first two are true, but it’s more than just asking a list of questions. 

This LQF lays out the basic how-to of choosing an interview as a method for a project or dissertation, and how to do it well enough so students aren’t docked marks for poor or irrelevant data. Practical and hands-on, readers will be shown everything they need to prepare, how to do it quickly, and all the pitfalls to avoid. Packed with checklists, this is the foolproof solution to getting interview data quickly and effectively. Perfect for undergraduates who need to do this in a week or two. 
1. How do I know I should use interviews in my research project?
2. How do I find people to interview?
3. How do I get people to agree to be interviewed?
4. What kind of questions will give me the most detailed data?
5. What practicalities do I need to plan?
6. How should I behave during the interview?
7. What should I do after the interview?

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ISBN: 9781526467744