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Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Second Edition
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November 2012 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Second Edition of Doing Business in Emerging Markets has been completely revised and updated to reflect the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in emerging markets, in the wake of the financial crisis.

Filled with international case studies and packed with real-life examples from across the world, this text covers all the key topics on an Emerging Markets course in an engaging and accessible way. Examining pre-entry as well as post-entry issues and strategies, this text shows how the emerging market context challenges traditional international business theories. Globalization is widely discussed as are topics such as CSR, regulation, finance and communication.

New to this edition:

  • A wide range of international case studies and examples from across Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe
  • Expanded coverage of China and India

This text is essential reading for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying emerging markets or international business.

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An Overview of Emerging Markets
Political, Legal and Cultural Framework in Emerging Markets
Economic Environment in Emerging Markets
Opportunities and Trends in Emerging Markets
Companies From Emerging Markets
Analysis of Selected Emerging Markets
Entry Modes and Strategies
The Negotiation Process and Strategies in International Business
Negotiations and Building Relationships in Emerging Markets
Assessing Risks and Opportunities in Emerging Markets


'This book is the ultimate companion for everyone interested in how to do business in emerging markets. With half of the globe's population living there, emerging economies contribute more to the world GDP than advanced nations and grow at a much faster pace. Having shaped and witnessed Turkey's transformation from import substitution to a liberal, export-oriented economy myself, I am fully conscious of the enormous potential as markets, traders, producers and even investors. Still, foreign companies actively engaging in emerging markets have to be aware of the political, legal, cultural and economic risks which their investments might entail. The attentive reader of this book will, however be perfectly prepared for a most profitable step into the future of growth' -
Mesut Yilmaz

Former Prime Minister of Turkey

'A very timely book for students and managers related to business opportunities and risks inherent in emerging markets. Written by some of the foremost experts in international business, it is a comprehensive, practical and highly readable book' -
Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Goizueta Business School, Emory University, Atlanta, US

'The book is an excellent overview...[it] serves to remind us that understanding business on a global level involves factors which are hugely important, including "political stability, efficient institutions and good governance"'

Roger Bell
Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Management, ESADE

As Emerging Markets are the current and future growth markets, it is essential for students to gain insights into the subject matter as part of their international management education. This book is a good supplementary reading for non-specialized international management courses.

Mr Sebastian Fuchs
Business Administration , University of Geneva
January 19, 2016

Emerging Markets are the current and future growth markets. Therfore, it is essential for students to gain insights into the subject matter as part of their international management education.

Mr Sebastian Fuchs
Business Administration , University of Geneva
January 19, 2016

This is essential texbook for the module, as it covers a wide range of issues in emerging markets

Dr Collins Osei
Business School, Edinburgh Napier University
February 18, 2015

Lot of valuable information but not attractive to use as a students textbook.

Dr Birgit Burboeck
International Business, Fh Joanneum
February 4, 2015

The book is very useful for understanding business opportunities and challenges in emerging economies. Recommended reading for undergraduate students studying international business subjects.

Dr Natalia Yakovleva
Surrey Business school, Surrey University
January 27, 2015

A easy to access introductory guide

Ms LB Begum
Department of Management & IT, University of Wales, Trinity St David
August 14, 2014

complements other books adopted especially those on the enterpreneurship pathway.

Dr Mo Willan
August 13, 2014

I adopted it as essential reading

Professor Brigitta Herrmann
Globalization, Development Policies and Ethics, Cologne Business School, CBS
July 28, 2014

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