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Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Europe

Second Edition
  • Gabriele Suder - Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia

February 2014 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This new edition of Doing Business in Europe covers all of the key topics included on European Business courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, making it a must-have for students and practitioners alike.

Written in a clear and accessible way, this new textbook has been fully revised and updated to take into account recent developments in Europe, changing European Union policies and the resulting business implications. This new edition draws a stronger link between the European business environment and the real business implications facing companies operating in Europe. This easy-to-follow text addresses the challenges and opportunities facing those doing business in Europe, while setting these in a global context.

New to this edition:

  • Expanded coverage of lobbying, SMEs and globalization
  • New real-life case studies using a wide range of examples from across Europe
  • Extensive pedagogical features including a glossary, revised discussion questions and more mini case studies

A comprehensive companion website ( provides you with full-text journal articles, an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides and a country-by-country study. The website also provides additional case studies, video material, and a multiple choice testbank for lecturers.

Introduction: The New European Business Environment
Landmarks of European Integration, or How History and Politics Shape the Business Environment
Enlargement and the Theories of Integration
Institutional Players: How the Rules and Agendas of the European Business Environment are Set
The Europeanization of a Business Environment
The Europeanization of Business Management
European Economics, Finance and Funding
Marketing in Europe
Lobbying the Playing Field
Competing Internationally
Airbus: A Catalyst of European Integration
Investment Consulting in Eastern Europe with Excedea
The Expansion into Europe of Multi-Latinas: A New Breed of Competitors
The European Market for Schunk: An Audit of Europeanization
European Chief Executives in the Merger Maze: Coping with Multiple Realities
The Europeanization of Marimekko: International Growth and Single Market Effects
Managing Change at Unilever
Altran: Launching a Corporate Representation Office in Brussels
Haier: A Global Chinese Corporation Feels at Home in Germany

'Dr. Suder delivers an ideal portrait of what EU policies should be, as well as their long-term impact on business. For anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of the socio-economic experiement that is the EU, this book is second to none. It's also the ideal book for the pragmatic, hands-on entrepreneur' -
Patrick Schmidt
dialogin, The Delta Intercultural Academy

Allows students to make sense of the issues of being in and doing business within the EU.

Mrs Lisa Rees
Business School, OLC Europe
November 11, 2014

Allows students to make sense of the issues of being in and doing business within the EU.

Mrs Lisa Rees
Business School, OLC Europe
November 11, 2014

Allows students to make sense of the issues of being in and doing business within the EU.

Mrs Lisa Rees
Business School, OLC Europe
November 11, 2014

Useful text for students to grasp the EU way of working. The case studies were particularly useful for them.

Mr David Holden-Locke
Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire
October 30, 2013

This is the perfect textbook for an EU course for business students. One of the rare textbooks which focuses on the success of the EU and not just on its failures...

Dr Magali Gravier
Department of Intercultural Communication and Management , Copenhagen Business School
October 9, 2013

Good book

Myles Gartland
Management Dept, Rockhurst University
June 17, 2013

The book is well done and the cases and notes allow for good comprehension of the topics being covered. Recommended articles in the instructor's material require payment for adaptation and usage (big minus).

Mr Christopher Weilage
MBA full-time, munich business school
March 12, 2013

Students are currently working from this book. Cohort are international students and they find academic writing style quite difficult to understand.
Some of the terminology in the early chapters is quite difficult to grasp and I find myself having to re-read particular sections to ensure my understanding prior to teaching.
I will be in a stronger position to provide more comprehensive feedback at the end of the module.

Ms Rosemary Cowan
Business, Humanities & Social Sciences, INTO Queens University Belfast
February 28, 2013

Some of the theoretical points are excellent, but given all of the changes going on in the EU; the book may already be dated. There are some well written chapters: Lobbying in Europe and the case studies.

Dr Aaron Van Klyton
International Business and Economics, Greenwich University
December 11, 2012


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