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Doing Document Analysis

Doing Document Analysis
A Practice-Oriented Method

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January 2022 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Uniting methods from disciplines across the social sciences and humanities, this hands-on guide develops a novel approach to doing document analysis. The authors present a framework for studying documents that enables you to conduct a rich and systematic analysis of a documents in all their diversity.

Focussing on document analysis both in practice and as practice, the book provides you with innovative and versatile toolkit for analysing print and digital documents. It also:

  • Highlights the impacts of digitalisation on documents themselves and the methods used to study them
  • Has a strong focus on research ethics and critical engagement with digital sources
  • Offers practical guidance on preparing and doing a document analysis research project.

The book offers insightful perspectives both on the indispensable role of documents in our society and practical advice on how you can best analyse documents and their significance. 

Introduction: Documents in practice
Part I: Practice-oriented document analysis
Chapter 1: Document sites
Chapter 2: Document tools
Chapter 3: Document work
Chapter 4: Document texts
Chapter 5: Document issues
Chapter 6: Document movements
Chapter 7: Practice-oriented document analysis: The method in brief
Part II: Practical guide
Chapter 8: Practical techniques
Chapter 9: Documents in our digital age
Chapter 10: Ensuring good and ethical practice
Part III: Theoretical underpinnings of the book
Chapter 11: Where does this book come from?

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