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Doing Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research

Doing Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research
A Practical Guide

October 2020 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This practical guide offers an approachable introduction to doing hermeneutic phenomenological research across the health and social sciences. Grounded in real world research, it integrates philosophy, methodology and method in accessible ways, helping you realize the potential of using phenomenology to guide research.

The book maps the complete research process and shows how to apply key philosophical tenets to your project, demonstrating the close relationship between philosophy and research practice. It:

  • Shows step-by-step how to translate philosophy into research methodology and turn methodology into robust research design
  • Focuses on applied practice, illustrating theoretical discussions with examples and case studies
  • Promotes advanced thinking about hermeneutic phenomenology in an easy to understand way
  • Highlights the need for researchers to engage reflexively with the whole research process.

Part I: Philosophy and thinking
Chapter 1: Philosophical perspectives
Chapter 2: Coming to thinking
Part II: Designing the hermeneutic phenomenology study
Chapter 3: Literature review and refining the hermeneutic research question
Chapter 4: Population and sampling
Chapter 5: Being ethical
Part III: Delivering the hermeneutic phenomenology study
Chapter 6: Data collection and management
Chapter 7: Data analysis and interpretation
Chapter 8: Reflexivity and rigour
Chapter 9: Writing and dissemination
Part IV: Personal entrees into hermeneutic phenomenology

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