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Doing Legal Research

Doing Legal Research
A Guide for Social Scientists and Mental Health Professionals

Volume: 43

December 1996 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Finding and using the appropriate legal materials can help social researchers design and execute their research more appropriately as well as assist mental health practitioners seeking answers to legal questions that their practice increasingly presents. Where can social researchers and mental health practitioners go to learn these techniques? Doing Legal Research will enable researchers and practitioners to develop a proficiency in using legal materials by describing how to use the law library to find, cite, and track cases; statutes passed by the state legislatures or Congress; legislative history of these statutes; and administrative rules, regulations, and decisions promulgated by state and federal administrative agencies (such as the Environmental Protection Agency). In addition, the book includes exercises that give readers an opportunity to go into the law library and test developing skills on genuine legal questions. After reading this book, researchers will not only have the skills that will ensure the legal relevance of their initial research question but also the ability to conduct their own evaluation of the legal materials.

Introduction to Legal Research
Finding Case Law
Finding Statutes and Legislative History
Finding Administrative Rules, Regulations, Decisions and Orders

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