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Doing Research in Business and Management

Doing Research in Business and Management
An Introduction to Process and Method

September 1998 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Doing Research in Business and Management has been written to help students obtain a thorough understanding of the main methodological issues and options that are available to them as business and management researchers undertaking a masters or doctoral degree. Doing Research in Business and Management takes the reader through all of the important issues that need to be understood if a competent piece of research is to be produced at the masters or doctoral level in the business and management studies. The authors explain the interrelationship between the theoretical and empirical research as well as the differences between positivism and phenomenology. Not only do they put these concepts in context for the business and management student, but they go on to discuss how these different approaches are used in practice. Furthermore, the authors discuss the implications of quantitative and qualitative approaches to research. The book offers high-level advice on different numerical techniques available to researchers as well as different software packages that may be used for analyzing qualitative data. The book also discusses the use of the Internet to support research in masters and doctoral programs. A wide range of research tactics are discussed and the reader is offered examples of how these have been used in recent dissertations or theses for masters or doctoral degrees. In addition, the book takes an in-depth look at the case study, one of the most important approaches used by business and management students. Finally the book looks closely at how masters and doctoral degrees are evaluated by examiners and provides a checklist that students may use to ensure that they have complied with all the research requirements for their masters or doctoral degree. Doing Research in Business and Management will be of interest to all business and management students thinking about or obtaining their masters or doctoral degree.

Business and Management Research in Perspective
Philosophical Background to Research
Research Strategies and Tactics
The Research Programme and Process
The Positivist Approach to Empirical Research
Phenomenology: The Non-Positivist Approach
The Research Process
Collecting Empirical Data
The Questionnaire
The Case Study
The Sample
Statistical Analysis
Ethical Considerations
Writing Up the Research
Evaluation of Masters and Doctoral Degrees

`Postgraduate students should find this a useful book, since it focuses on issues specific to their requirements. The philosophical underpinnings, methodology and practicalities of research are all discussed within the context of postgraduate research' - International Small Business Journal

'[T]here is, as with all the chapters, an excellent set of suggested further reading...' - Management Learning

For those starting their research projects this is a great reference point. Useful tips and advice.

Mrs Michelle Grainger
Sheffield Centre, LifeSkills
September 29, 2014

A very good text. Will serve as a good insight to a broad understanding of research methods.

Dr John Opute
Management , London South Bank University
April 4, 2013

Ramenyi has not only produced a an excellent introduction book but also gives a good grounding in research for the first time researchers.

Dr Denis Hyams-Ssekasi
Business School, University Campus Oldham
July 5, 2012

Clearly set out
Explains topics in a user friendly manner

Mr Andrew Coulson
Undergraduate, Northumbria University
September 30, 2010

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