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Doing Team Ethnography

Doing Team Ethnography
Warnings and Advice

Volume: 42

October 1997 | 79 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Whether the goals of research are applied or more abstract, team research has been an important aspect of ethnography. In Doing Team Ethnography, the latest volume in the Qualitative Research Methods series, authors Ken Erickson and Donald Stull examine the myriad of challenges and opportunities in doing team ethnography. From setting goals and putting together a team, to observing, sharing, and collaborating on a finished product, Doing Team Ethnography provides clear and practical advice to researchers at any level or in any discipline.

And a River Went Out of Eden
Getting Started
Getting There - Together
The Baggage We Bring; The Trips We Take; The Places We Go
Packing It In
Writing It Up and Getting It Out the Door

To Team, or Not to Team?

The book's subject is too specialist for the cohort we are teaching, but the text is so informative and well presented I wanted to ensure the students had the opportunity to know of its existence for their future activities.

Dr Peter Oakley
Humanities, Royal College of Art
May 18, 2020

We are working in joint project with several MA and PhD students. The engagement has been a dual one with students doing both individual and joint projects. Students have found the text useful for unpacking the joint encounter. At least one is using it as a reference in their MA thesis.

Dr William Ellis
Dept Of Anthropology & Sociology, University of Western Cape
September 1, 2015

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