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Doing Visual Ethnography

Doing Visual Ethnography

Third Edition

November 2013 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Essential reading for anyone wishing to engage with images, technologies and society, Doing Visual Ethnography is a milestone in ethnographic and visual research. The Third Edition of this classic text includes new chapters on web-based practices for visual ethnography and the issues surrounding the representation, interpretation, and authoring of knowledge with the rise of digital media.  

The book provides a foundation for thinking about visual ethnography and introduces the practical and theoretical issues relating to the visual and digital technologies used in the field.  

Drawing upon her original research and the experiences of other ethnographers, author Sarah Pink once again challenges our understanding of the world and sets new agendas for visual ethnography by:
  • Helpfully illustrating key concepts within real world contexts
  • Introducing examples from both analogue and digital media
  • Exploring material and electronic texts
  • Setting out the shift towards applied, participatory and public visual scholarship.  
This book is a must-have for students and researchers across the social sciences who are interested in incorporating audiovisual media into their research practice.
Visual Ethnography Across Disciplines
Ways of Seeing, Knowing And Showing
Planning And Practising Visual Ethnography
Photography In Ethnographic Research
Video In Ethnographic Research
Doing Visual Ethnography With The Web
Making Meanings in Visual Ethnography
Photography And Ethnographic Writing
Video In Ethnographic Representation
Making Visual Ethnography Public Online/Digitally

This text will prove extremely useful to my students, a number of whom choose to undertake visual ethnography projects. It is clearly written and covers both theoretical and practical issues.

SOCIAL SCIENCES, Nottingham Trent University
August 20, 2014

This book is very useful for the practical proponents of ethnographic research. It provides detailed examples of ethnographic work, supported by appropriate pictures and analysis. What it lacks in theory is certainly made up for in the kinaesthetic aspects of lived-experience.

Mr Dennis Hamilton
Humanities, Bournville College of Further Education
August 12, 2014

a good text that helps students understand visual approaches to research

Mrs Victoria Ridgway
Nursing , Chester University
March 28, 2014

This is an excellent resource for people thinking about using visual ethnographic approaches to their research

Dr Carol Bond
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
March 18, 2014

Very interesting book which touches all aspects of ethnographic work and takes into account the complexities, also ethical, of the lens.

Dr Paolo Cardullo
Sociology Department, Goldsmiths College
February 27, 2014

This is a very useful book, with lots of concrete examples for students. I will add it to my list of suggested readings for those students who wish to undertake a visual methods research project.

Mr Jeroen Moes
University College Maastricht, Maastricht University
January 22, 2014

Excellent introduction to a new, growing field.

Professor Li Wei
Linguistics , Birkbeck College, University of London
January 20, 2014

This is recommended within qualitative research course for visual analyses of data - taught in Narrative methods.

Dr Nicholas Wood
Psychology , Hertfordshire University
November 28, 2013

This book provides thorough coverage of the subject and it will be useful for those students pursuing this approach in their dissertations

Ms Sue Mills
Lifelong Learning Centre, Leeds University
November 23, 2013

This is an extremely interesting book. The examples give life to the words and the summaries and lists of additional reading are practical. The photos are so interesting and serve to justify this particular method of research which is often less appreciated or valued. This book will challenge and change perceptions of visual ethnography.

Ms Lynette Jordan
School of Education, Glasgow University
November 11, 2013
  • New chapters on web-based practices for visual ethnography and the issues surrounding the representation, interpretation and authoring of knowledge with the rise of digital media

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One: Visual Ethnography across Disciplines

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