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Domestic Violence and Health Care

Domestic Violence and Health Care
What Every Professional Needs To Know

January 1997 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Of all women battered by their intimate partners each year, only a small percentage are correctly diagnosed as victims of abuse. The medical community has a unique opportunity to intervene, but many health care professionals need more training to recognize the abuse, tools to intervene, and information on where to refer victims for additional assistance. Comprehensive yet easy to delve into, Domestic Violence and Health Care helps practitioners treat those seeking help after a violent episode. Author Sherri L. Schornstein, a career prosecutor experienced both on the front lines and at the systems level in Washington, DC, dispels common myths about domestic violence and skillfully takes the reader through practical, how-to steps in the examination process. Examples and insights provide vital information regarding the impact that examination and documentation may have upon a subsequent prosecution of the batterer, while sample questions and forms assist the examiner in recording the most accurate information possible. This essential volume also explores safety issues for everyone at a health care facility who deals with such cases. Domestic Violence and Health Care alerts health care professionals to the signs of abuse and helps prepare them to deal sensitively and appropriately with the needs of victims. This timely book is recommended for all medical personnel as well as professionals and practitioners in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, victim advocacy, criminal justice, hospital administration, public health, and law enforcement. As a text, Domestic Violence and Health Care works as an excellent supplement for courses in medicine, nursing, social work, and for CME/CE credit workshops.

What Is Domestic Violence?
Societal Perspectives on Domestic Violence
The Dynamics of Abuse
The Medical Response
Ascertaining the True Cause of Injury and Compliance with Injury-Reporting Requirements
Safety Issues
Prosecution of Domestic Violence Crimes

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ISBN: 9780803959590