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E-governance and Citizen Engagement

E-governance and Citizen Engagement
New Directions in Public Administration

  • Sangita Dhal - Faculty of Political Science, Kalindi College, University of Delhi

November 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This comprehensive textbook provides a conceptual and theoretical understanding of e-governance and how it addresses various emerging concerns of public administration in India.

Situating the content within the ambit of new public management, liberalization, good governance and globalization, the book examines the concept of e-governance as a citizen-centric task of the government where technology works as a bridge between the state and the individual. It extensively probes into various dimensions of governance and innovative techniques adopted by states in modern times. It also attempts to address a host of issues and challenges of governance which were exacerbated due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The overarching argument of this textbook is that electronic governance has ensured good governance by adopting information and communication technologies coupled with sound managerial practices, making it more citizen-oriented and responsive.

Key Features:

• Offers a compact analysis of emerging themes such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-health, geographical information systems and cyber security 

• Provides a blend of normative and empirical case studies, and relevant examples 

• Includes robust pedagogical tools such as key themes, learning objectives, case studies, charts, model questions and web links

Foreword by Rumki Basu
Visual Tour of the Book
Introducing E-Governance: Philosophy, Theory and Practice
Contextualizing the Evolutionary Trajectory of E-Governance
The Journey of E-Governance in India
Structural Framework of E-Governance
Development and Electronic Governance: Empowering Rural Citizens
Application of E-Governance
Techniques of E-Governance
ICT and Public Administration
Empowering Women through E-Governance
Common Service Centre: Citizens Interface with E-Governance
Negotiating the Challenges of E-Governance
Futuristic Vision of E-Governance with Transformative Goals: The Journey Ahead

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ISBN: 9789391370671