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Early Steps

Learn about SAGE College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Quick Facts

We made steady progress in 2021 as noted below, but acknowledge the work and challenges still ahead:

Content Development

  • Drafted, tested, and improved sensitivity questions included in all peer reviewing for all projects
  • Created an editorial path and process for working through DEI content revisions and remediation with authors
  • Created editor and author guidelines for identifying and remedying bias in all content
  • Held DEI content development workshops, office hour sessions, and trainings for all in-house editors
  • Created 8 discipline advisory boards to support in-depth DEI reviewing and consultation


  • Achieved 46% of new book signings with an author (or at least one co-author) who is BIPOC
  • Achieved 26% of new book signings that feature a main theme or approach that is DEI-focused and a fundamental part of the book’s unique value proposition

Author Webinars

Hosted three SAGE Talks webinars with experienced, trusted authors:

Myths and Realities of U.S. Inequalities
Mark Robert Rank and Dawne Mouzon