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Economic Reforms in India and China

Economic Reforms in India and China
Emerging Issues and Challenges

First Edition
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June 2009 | 436 pages | SAGE India
This first-of-its-kind collection summarizes current trends in the economic scenario of India and China in the backdrop of globalization and outlines not only the goals and strategies for development but also the policies to achieve those goals. It provides a frame of development by addressing various issues such as how to expand the services sector, how to keep pace with the incredible growth of the manufacturing sector and how to ensure widest possible diffusions of the huge economic gains.

Economic Reforms in India and China: Emerging Issues and Challenges presents the latest data and appraises issues pertaining to the economic reforms of India and China—two of the major contenders for global power. The two countries have followed different paths to economic growth and yet both have emerged as fast growing economies. Thus, it is interesting to know the comparative views of the growth stories of the two countries to see where they are heading. The volume brings together some of the most influential scholars in development economics from India and China. They address issues that include the governance as well as the historical perspective of globalization, poverty, inequality of income and the potential for conflict, agriculture, WTO and its relation with trade prospects, and the nature and characteristics of institutions and markets.

The compilation is a significant addition to the existing literature on development and reforms, as it puts forward in a single volume, a vast range of academic concerns—those of economists, sociologists, policy makers, agricultural scientists and research scholars.

Kirit S Parikh
B Sudhakara Reddy
Introduction: Economic Reforms - Unanswered Questions and Open-Ended Answers
Suresh D Tendulkar and T A Bhavani
Political Economy of Post-1991 Reforms
Brigitte Desroches, Michael Francis and Francois Painchaud
Institutional Reform, Trade and Growth: The Experiences of India and China in a Global Economy
N J Rao and K G Viswanadhan
Impact of Economic Reforms and Globalization on Engineering Education Sector: A Comparison of India and Chinese Scenarios
C Ramasamy and K Lokanadhan
A Comparative Study on the Implications of Economic Reforms on Poverty in India and China
Narendra Jadhav and Janak Raj
Financial System in India and China: A Comparative Study
C Veeramani and Bishwanath Golder
Investment Climate and Productivity in Indian States
Sebastian Morris
Export-led Growth: Characteristics Contrasting India and China
Rajalaxmi Kamath
China and India: What Do Their Business Firms have to Say?
D Krishnamoorthy
FDI Flows in India and China
Surjit Singh
Financial Sector in China: Issues and Challenges
Anjali Kulkarni
Foreign Direct Investment: A Comparative Study of China and India
Dolly Sunny
Myth and Reality of FDI Flows: Indian and Chinese Integration with the Global Economy
Fu Xianzhi and Cai Jianying
Impact of China's Access to WTO on FDI in Wuxi
Jatinder Bir Singh
China's Agriculture and WTO Accession
Tulsi Lingareddy
Impact of Reforms on Agricultural Trade in India and China
Rajesh Sagar and Aditya Nagarsheth
Regulation of Employee Inventions within Patent Law: A Comparative Overview of China and India
Kumudini Hajra
Emerging Challenges in Pension Policy: Perspectives from China and India
Arijit Dutta
Prospects of Ancient Medical Systems in India and China in Today's World
Ashir Mehta
Energy-Environment Linkages in India and China: A Comparative Review of Issues and Challenges

A complete account of the causes and circumstances for undertaking liberalization and privatization.... An excellent effort with a balanced analysis and interpretation. The work is very comprehensive and commendable...a welcome addition to the existing literature in the discipline of economics and development studies.

Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol 15, January-June 2013

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ISBN: 9788178298382

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