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Economy, Democracy and the State

Economy, Democracy and the State
The Indian Experience

First Edition
  • Ramashray Roy - Former Director, Centre of the Studies of Developing Societies

July 2009 | 256 pages | SAGE India
This book offers a comprehensive picture of how economic forces have emerged as being of central importance in India and the kind of economic growth that the Indian polity has been able to achieve within the framework of democratic politics. It proposes that the modern state is inextricably linked with two other factors of modern life: economic growth and democratic politics.

Economy, Democracy and the State: The Indian Experience explores the patterns of economic growth (both industrial and agricultural) and its impact on Indian democratic politics. It offers an insight into how the changing patterns of economic growth in the country have determined government policies and questions the extent to which the hopes and aspirations of the common man have been satisfied. This exploration of the interrelation between democracy and economy yields a better understanding of the nature and working of the Indian democracy.

This book will be a valuable resource for scholars and students of political philosophy and political economy.

Ascendance of Economics
Economy and the State
India, 1757-1947: Re-Forming India
Transforming Society
Agriculture: The Legacy of Neglect
Energizing the Countryside

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ISBN: 9788132100829

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