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EDI and Online Ordering Information

PubNet® and EasyLink® EDI

SAGE Publishing is a trading partner with both PubNet® and EasyLink® VANs and is ready to set up SANs for college bookstore, retail bookstore, online retail, and wholesale customers. PubNet® or EasyLink® orders can be processed as soon as SANs are in place for existing customers, and new customer records will receive expedited attention. Please note that orders for SAGE and CQ Press orders should be submitted separately.

Please contact the SAGE EDI Coordinator at 800-818-7243, or via email at to get started.

SAGE (& Corwin) SAN: 2047217

CQ Press SAN: 2021803

For more information, please visit: or


SAGE's catalog of book titles is available online withPubEasy®, a free online business-to-business service connecting booksellers with their publishers and suppliers. With an efficient ordering service and easy-to-use site, PubEasy® makes it simple to enter and track orders placed with SAGE.

Registered PubEasy® booksellers can access valuable book information and time-saving features including:

  • Accurate and up-to-date price, status and availability checks
  • Online searching of extensive bibliographic information
  • Fast online order placement and confirmation functionality
  • Order tracking by purchase order or ISBN
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week online access

For more information, please visit: