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Education, Democracy, and the Public Good

Education, Democracy, and the Public Good

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March 2012 | 340 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Review of Research in Education (Volume 36) presents new research that explores the varied intersections between Education, Democracy, and the Public Good. It is intended to give readers a broader perspective on how the three constructs are interconnected and applied in the United States and in other countries around the world. By examining the theme in multiple contexts and through diverse lenses, the chapters provide a deeper understanding of the many ways that education and schools serve the "public good," where the "public good" is used throughout the volume as a unifying concept to express purposes beyond individual self-interest in order to encompass those that serve greater public purposes.

Kathryn M. Borman, Arnold B. Danzig, and David R. Garcia
Introduction: Education, Democracy, and the Public Good
Walter Feinberg
Schooling, Inequality, and Commitment to the Public Good: The Idea of a Public Education
Lisa García Bedolla
Latino Education, Civic Engagement, and the Public Good
John Rogers, Kavitha Mediratta, and Seema Shah
Building Power, Learning Democracy: Youth Organizing as a Site of Civic Development
Mark C. Hogrebe and William F. Tate IV
Geospatial Perspective: Toward a Visual Political Literacy Project in Education, Health, and Human Services
Individualism, Self-Interest, and the Public Good
Gene V. Glass and A. G. Rud
The Struggle Between Individualism and Communitarianism: The Pressure of Population, Prejudice, and the Purse
Michele S. Moses and Lauren P. Saenz
When the Majority Rules: Ballot Initiatives, Race-Conscious Education Policy, and the Public Good
Jennifer A. Sandlin, Jake Burdick, and Trevor Norris
Erosion and Experience: Education for Democracy in a Consumer Society
Gustavo E. Fischman and Eric Haas
Beyond Idealized Citizenship Education: Embodied Cognition, Metaphors, and Democracy
Social Justice and the Public Good in Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Educational Settings
Roslyn Arlin Mickelson and Mokubung Nkomo
Integrated Schooling, Life Course Outcomes, and Social Cohesion in Multiethnic Democratic Societies
Lori Diane Hill, Jean Baxen, Anne T. Craig, and Halima Namakula
Citizenship, Social Justice, and Evolving Conceptions of Access to Education in South Africa: Implications for Research
Shlomo Fischer, Yotam Hotam, Philip Wexler
Democracy and Education in Postsecular Society
Robert A. Fox, Nina K. Buchanan, Suzanne E. Eckes, and Letitia E. Basford
The Line Between Cultural Education and Religious Education: Do Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools Have a Prayer?

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