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The big debate - Dweck's "mindsets"

One of the big debates in education this year is around Carol Dweck’s “mindsets” theory. Particularly since a leading geneticist challenged it as “greatly overplayed” and could even be harmful to children. If you aren’t familiar with this theory about pupil attainment, let Bob Bates, author of Learning Theories Simplified break it down to you; and even tell you how this relates to teaching. 

Carol Dweck’s theory simplified – read more >>>

The National SPaG tests - ready or not?

As you know, the format of the compulsory KS1 and KS2 SPaG tests will be changing in 2016. Something to bear in mind as you plan ahead is that there are many ways in which you can enable children to be successful other than giving them endless practice papers. The authors of Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Primary Schools have plenty of advice on preparing and teaching SPaG. 

Tips to help children prepare for the National SPaG tests – read more >>

Have you been an inclusive teacher this year?

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on your work and your teaching. Do you think you have been inclusive in your teaching? Do you understand what it means to be inclusive, particularly in light of the new SEND frameworks? The authors of Inclusive Practice in the Primary School encourages  early career teachers to reflect and understand the meaning of “inclusion”. 

Reflect on your development as an inclusive practitioner – read more >>

What's your classroom saying about how you value literacy?

A quick glance around a classroom gives the observer a good idea of how reading in particular, but writing as well, is valued by the teacher and school.  Take a look at your own classroom and review this; and why not give the space a slight refresh in time for the New Year? The authors of Lessons in Teaching Phonics in Primary Schools offer some excellent ideas for resources and displays that create a rich language environment.

Displays and resources for phonics teaching – read more >> 

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