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Emerging Information Technology

Emerging Information Technology
Improving Decisions, Cooperation, and Infrastructure

June 1999 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The chapters in this volume explore cutting-edge research being conducted on emerging information technologies. All of the technologies are well known; this book's unique contribution is its explanation of the application and relevance for managers, consultants, and decision makers. The ultimate purpose of Emerging Information Technologies is to enable its readers - managers, consultants, scholars, and researchers - to build bridges from technological emergence to the technological sublime. In-depth topics include * Recommendation Systems * Hypermedia/Hypertext * Data Warehousing * Artificial Intelligence (AI) * Group Support Systems (GSS) * Executive Information Systems (EIS) * Virtual Teams * Information Delivery Systems (IDS) * E-Commerce * Client Server Systems * Knowledge Work Productivity

Kenneth E Kendall
Edward A Stohr and Sivakumar Visanathan
Recommendations Systems
Decision Support for the Information Economy

Cleotilde González and George M Kaspar
Animation in User Interfaces Designed for Decision Support Systems
The Effects of Image Abstraction, Transition and Interactivity on Decision Quality

Narender K Ramarapu, Mark N Frolick, Ronald B Wilkes and James C Wetherbe
The Emergence of Hypertext and Problem Solving
An Experimental Investigation on Accessing and Using Information from Linear Versus Nonlinear Systems

Paul Gray
Data Warehousing
Three Major Applications and Their Significance

Phillip Ein-Dor
Artificial Intelligence
A Short History and the Next Forty Years

Ruth C King and Weidong Xia
Media Appropriateness
Effects of Experience on Communication Media Choice

Susan Rebstock Williams and Rick L Wilson
Group Support Systems, Power and Influence in an Organization
A Field Study

Arun Rai and Deepinder S Bajwa
An Empirical Investigation Into Factors Relating to the Adoption of Executive Information Systems
An Analysis of EIS for Collaboration and Decision Support

Merrill E Warkentin, Luifus Sayeed and Ross Hightower
Virtual Teams Versus Face-to-Face Teams
An Exploratory Study of a Web-based Conference System

Julie E Kendall and Kenneth E Kendall
Web Pull and Push Technologies
The Emergence and Future of Information Delivery Systems

Vladimir Zwass
Structure and Macro-Level Impacts of Electronic Commerce
From Technological Infrastructure to Electronic Marketplaces

Tor Guimaraes and Magid Igbaria
Client/Server System Success
Exploring the Human Side

Gordon B Davis and J David Naumann
Knowledge Work Productivity
Features and Fuctions of Information Technologies


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