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Empirically Supported Therapies

Empirically Supported Therapies
Best Practice in Professional Psychology

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September 1998 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In 1995, the APA division on clinical psychology created a task force to compile a list of empirically validated procedures. Those left off the list were deemed invalid, leading to much controversy in the field of mental health service. Adding to the controversy are mental health corporations and HMOs that are using or planning to use the task forceÆs lists to determine which interventions they will reimburse for and which they will not. Empirically Supported Therapies responds to this recent interest in basing practice on the empirical validation of interventions and treatments. Organized into two parts, the first comprises theoretical issues surrounding the development and promotion of empirically validated interventions. In the second part, contributors examine some of the validated interventions as illustrations of the issues involved in the debate. Presenting a balanced examination of a controversial topic, Empirically Supported Therapies is a much needed contribution to the literature for professionals in clinical and counseling psychology, human services, interpersonal violence, social work, developmental psychology, and nursing.

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