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Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Second Edition

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Second Edition

Second Edition
Three Volume Set
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July 2012 | 1 720 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The First Edition of the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change provided a multi-authored, academic yet non-technical resource for students and teachers to understand the importance of global warming, to appreciate the effects of human activity and greenhouse gases around the world, and to learn the history of climate change and the research enterprise examining it. This edition was well received, with notable reviews. Since its publication, the debate over the advent of global warming at least partially brought on by human enterprise has continued to ebb and flow, depending literally on the weather, politics, and media coverage of climate summits and debates. Advances in research also change the discourse as new data is collected and new scientific projects continue to explore and explain global warming and climate change. Thus, a new, Second Edition updates more than half of the original entries and adds new perspectives and content to keep students and researchers up-to-date in a field that has proven provocatively lively.

"A solid, comprehensive resource for high school and undergraduate students or those who want more information on climate change."

Susanne Caro
University of Montana Lib., Missoula
Library Journal

"Climate change and global warming is covered well....The editors here have compiled entries that leave no doubts about [the] validity [of climate change]. The coverage of each topic is neither overly specific nor too general.... This title would be useful for those looking for information on a specific topic in direct relation to global warming. Additionally the encyclopedia has entries on topics not commonly found in contemporary publications....the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change covers similar topics in a more urgent matter and with more detail in each entry...."

Dawn Lowe Wincentsen
Oregon Institute of Technology
Reference Reviews
Key features
  • This new edition includes 750 signed entries, with over half being thoroughly revised and updated from the first edition and at least 40 entirely new entries, all concluding with references for further reading and cross-references to related entries.
  • Published in an electronic-only format, the revision includes new multimedia elements such as full-color photographs throughout and 40 video and 20 audio clips, thus bringing the content more alive.
  • A new appendix provides a pro/con debate on global warming, highlighting growing controversies in the field.
  • Although organized in A-to-Z format, a Reader's Guide in the front matter groups thematically related entries together by broad topic areas to make it easier for users to see related entries at a glance.
  • The Reader's Guide combines with a detailed Index and with cross-references between and among entries to provide robust search-and-browse features via the SAGE e-Reference platform.
  • Additional pedagogical elements include an Introduction, a Chronology/Timeline, a Glossary, a Data Appendix, and a Resource Guide highlighting key books, journals and associations and web sites.

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