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Ending Men's Violence against Their Partners

Ending Men's Violence against Their Partners
One Road to Peace

October 1989 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"A major strength of this book is the authors' profeminist approach to the conceptualization and treatment of men's violence against their heterosexual partners. The authors view wife beating as a social and cultural problem rather than simply a problem of individual men. . . . The book is clearly written and well-organized. . . . In the final chapter . . . the authors' honesty and willingness to do their own personal work is inspiring and courageous." --Kathleen M. Heide in Women & Criminal Justice Unfortunately it's nothing new--many women are victimized sexually, physically, and emotionally by men. And, as the percentage of victimized women has increased, so too has the need for treatment and intervention with the perpetrators. Ending Men's Violence Against Their Partners is a practical guide for counselors or clinicians treating abusive men. Instructing the reader in particular clinical skills and strategies, this book presents a group treatment program as the treatment of choice--but also takes the reader through individual assessment and counseling. In the opening section, the authors examine current theory and research in the field, and identify the most salient factors in understanding the wife assaulter. The authors then examine preparatory work, including first contacts prior to entering a group program, and address crisis intervention work with batterers. A final section offers a detailed treatment manual with treatment themes organized as modules so that readers may adopt the entire program--or parts of the program--in designing their own group counseling programs for wife abusers. Counselors, clinicians, and therapists working with violent men could not find a better, more practical volume than Ending Men's Violence Against Their Partners. "This book is much needed. . . . The therapist must be able to help the clients establish limits and work through their frustrations in more positive ways. At this point, Ending Men's Violence Against Their Partners has many positive suggestions that will most interest therapists who provide these services. --Journal of Sex Education and Therapy "I found this book to be an excellent discussion of the assessment and treatment of male batterers. The authors take the reader step-by-step through the assessment and treatment process from first contact to late stage treatment. The book is engaging, straightforward and concise. Their overview of the literature provides a solid foundation for the reader who is new to the field as well as recent research findings that will enlighten the most experienced clinician. Their style of writing is both authoritative and yet personal. Qualities necessary for successful treatment of this population. I would recommend this book for any man or woman providing mental health services to offenders and victims of family violence." --Daniel Jay Sonkin, Private Practice "Intended as a practical guide to therapists, this book looks at wife battering with the view to counseling men who are wife batterers. The authors provide detailed descriptions of assessment interviews, initial contacts, and three stages of treatment group process." --Current Literature in Family Planning "An extraordinary and valuable book, written with beautiful clarity." --The Journal of the British Association of Counselling "Stordeur and Stille succeed admirably in their aim to provide a detailed account of a group therapy programme for violent men. . . . The strength of this book is that it sets violence in a social context. . . . The book is clearly written, thorough and detailed. It is essentially a practical handbook which should prove invaluable to those newly engaged in the area and a source of reflection for the more seasoned worker. The book's scope, however, goes beyond the purely practical and raises issues of interest to anyone working with both victimizers and victims." --Changes "This book is excellent and will no doubt become a definitive text on the subject of group treatment of men who batter their partners. The writing style is clear, concise, and easy to read. I strongly recommend the book to all mental health professionals who are required to deal with such men." --British Journal of Psychiatry "Straightforward, informative, and practical style . . . of special value to graduate student interns in social work, counseling, and community psychology . . . [and] counselors who are relatively inexperienced in work with such clients or programs." --Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health "The strength of the book is the detailed description of the 18 modules that constitute the group program. . . . The book fully achieves its goal of detailing a group-based program for male batterers. It is highly readable, and should be useful to a broad range of professionals." --Journal of Interpersonal Violence "Ending Men's Violence Against Their Partners admirably fills the long overdue need for a book that provides a detailed description of group treatment for men who batter." --Social Service Review "With great sensitivity, the authors give us an enlightened description of the counselling programme, including various exercises that were carried out, how problems were overcome and various stages men needed to move through to make themselves more peaceful in their intimate relationships. . . . Ending Men's Violence Against Their Partners is a pioneering work that will prove a source of inspiration and hope for anybody involved in this field." --Nursing Standard "This book is a well-organized and integrated summary. . . . It will be very useful to anyone whose practice involves domestic violence, whether it be spouse abuse or child abuse." --Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Human Services "Highly recommended." --Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin Book Club

Perspectives on Wife Assault
Characteristics of Men Who Batter
Treatment Perspectives
First Contacts
Crisis Intervention
The Use of Groups
The Beginning Phase
The Middle Phase
The Ending Phase
Counselors' Issues

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