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Enhancing Children's Wellness

Enhancing Children's Wellness

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May 1997 | 332 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Aimed at providing a foundation for increasing the quantity and quality of physical and mental health care for children, this book describes the latest research and theories about family, school, and community prevention and health-promotion programs to improve the health status of children during the next decade. This impressive group of researchers examine such pertinent questions as: + Why do problem behaviors occur together (like substance abuse, delinquency, and school failure)? And, to what extent can common strategies prevent each of these difficulties? + Are we effectively using what we know to prevent drug use among children? + What strategies are the most promising for preventing unwanted pregnancy and AIDS? + Does violent/aggressive behavior result from unmet developmental needs? + What programs have been most effective in preventing depression and suicide in young people? + Are there reliable prevention strategies that can reproduce the risk of unintentional injury among children? This thought-provoking book identifies innovative and empirically based preventive and health-promotion strategies that schools and communities may implement to enhance childrenÆs social, emotional, and physical wellness and thus will be interest to professionals and practitioners in the fields of developmental psychology, clinical psychology, family studies, social work, counseling, human services, nursing, and public health.

Seymour Sarason
Roger P Weissberg and Carol Bartels Kuster
Introduction and Overview
Let's Make `Healthy Children 2010' a National Priority!

Joy G Dryfoos
The Prevalence of Problem Behaviors
Implications for Programs

Linda Dusenbury and Mathea Falco
School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention Strategies
From Research to Policy and Practice

Lynda M Sagrestano and Roberta L Paikoff
Preventing High Risk Sexual Behavior, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Pregnancy among Adolescents
Mary E Murray, Nancy G Guerra and Kirk R Williams
Violence Prevention for the 21st Century
Bruce E Compas, Jennifer Connor and Martha Wadsworth
Prevention of Depression
John Kalafat
Prevention of Youth Suicide
Cheryl L Perry, Mary Story and Leslie A Lytle
Promoting Healthy Dietary Behaviors
Barbara S Tuchfarber, Joseph E Zins and Leonard A Jason
Prevention and Control of Injuries
J David Hawkins
Academic Performance and School Success
Sources and Consequences


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