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Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business

March 2010 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Broad and inquisitive in its intellectual outlook, this provocative but accessible textbook covers core themes and topics in the study of enterprise, as well as looking at subjects that are often ignored, from criminal entrepreneurs and the demise of Enron, to innovation and technology and ethnic and indigenous entrepreneurship.

Along the way, the reader will find an interactive exploration not only of the processes of entrepreneuring, of managing small enterprises, or of the implications of working in an entrepreneurial corporation – he or she will also be challenged to consider enterprise in its social, economic, political, and moral contexts. This textbook moves beyond the narrow, prescriptive focus on the 'how' employed by other textbooks, and places equal emphasis on the 'why' – all the time considering the role of enterprise, entrepreneurship and small business in the world we live in.

Supported by lively case studies, real-life examples, and a concept guide of key terms, this text is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students on any course with an emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Studying Enterprise
What, Where, When, Who and How?

Firms, Organizations and the Entrepreneur

Explanations of the Entrepreneurial Self

Managing Smaller/Entrepreneurial Enterprises
Working in Smaller/Entrepreneurial Enterprises
Entrepreneuring in the Corporate Environment
Reflecting on Practice
Finance, Marketing and Networking, Strategy and Growth

Economic Contexts of Enterprise
Social Contexts of Enterprise
Cultural Centrality, Diversity and Marginality

Political Contexts of Enterprise
Governments and Smaller Enterprise


Academically this book has been put together very well. It is more indepth than my students would need, but for those thinking of starting their own business, this will give them a great insight to the business world. Recommended reading, I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks

Mr Douglas Lawrence
My Department is not Listed, Great Yarmouth College
February 6, 2012

very well written. great for a comprehensive course. use it in classroom.

Mr Othmar Lehner
School of Business & Economics, University of Jyvaskyla
January 24, 2012

Still looking for other teaching materials.

Dr Rania Mostafa
Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University
May 4, 2011

This book is very useful in understanding entrepreneurship from a wider perspective. It is a stimulating read for final year students. For those who plan to go into business, this book gave them a broader perspective in analysing the environment. For students who plan to pursue an academic career, the book covers important theories and academic arguments which offers a basis for developing future research in the entrepreneurship field.

Mrs Jenny Oliveros Lao Phillips
School of Management, Leadership and Government, University of Saint Joseph
January 9, 2011

A good book for for undergraduate students, mainly because it shows the relations and implications of entrepreneurship and small business management

Dr Arie Aviram
Economics and Management, Ashkelon Academic College
November 19, 2010

The book gives a compehensive introduction to the major themes and topics as well as usefull information regarding the enterprise's inside and the contexts in which enterprising activity takes places

Mrs Susanne Hilland
Wirtschaft 2, Heilbronn University
October 8, 2010

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of enterprise issues from identifying self entrepreneurial potential to working in and supporting entrepreneurial ventures and fostering intrapreneurial activity. Supported by classic academic argument and contemporary case studies Simon Down provides students with a concise update of pressing entrepreneurial issues, a welcome relief in a sea of 'how to start a business' manuals.

Mr Paul Matthews
Please select your department, Please select your institution
September 15, 2010

A readable and accessible book, which covers the topic well. It looks at enterprise and entrepreneurship from the perspective of different disciplines, which is very appropriate to our course. The approach Simon takes encourages enquiry and independent thinking which is vital to the study of entrepreneurship at university level.

Mrs Bonnie Hacking
School of Management, St Andrews University
August 20, 2010

This book not only provides a thorough grounding in the concepts, theorists and theories of entrepreneurship, it also facilitates active learning at all levels through the use of interactive case studies and activities. As such this offers an excellent student and lecturer resource across a variety of subject areas from new business creation, entrepreneurial development, contemporary issues and globalisation to name a few. It is rare to find one resource which covers all these areas theoretically but to find a resource which also facilates active learning in them is a true gem.

Mr Paul Matthews
Please select your department, Please select your institution
August 17, 2010

I thought this book was excellent for my level three entrepreneurship module. The focus on language was exactly what I was looking for It will be part of the essential reading for the course and I will use it to structure students' learning.

Dr Jean Clarke
Management , Leeds University
August 9, 2010

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