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Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm

Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm
Enterprise and Renewal

First Edition

June 2000 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Much current literature on globalization and competition focuses on the external environment in which firms operate. Julian Birkinshaw's book looks within international firms at the dynamics that affect their growth and position. Are local managers seizing power from the centre? Is `glocialization' the inevitable result of globalization? Based on fresh case evidence gathered in Europe and North America, the findings in this book about multi-national firms and managers make a significant contribution to some of the key debates on the transfer of knowledge in firms; the resource-based view; and the network forms of organization. The initiatives of local managers reflect local knowledge, skills and resources and at the same time impact of the distribution of power in the wider organization. By taking as his perspective that of the subsidiary manager operating in a network, Julian Birkinshaw extends the implications of his findings to all managers in organizations and challenges those who still view organizations as hierarchies.

Introduction and Overview
Types of Subsidiary Initiative
Fighting the Corporate Immune System
How the Initiative Process Works

The Consequences of Initiative
Perspectives on the Theory of Entrepreneurship
Mapping the Process of Subsidiary Evolution
Perspectives on Theory of the Multinational Firm
An Internal Market Model of the Multinational Firm
Implications for Management Practice

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