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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
New Directions for the Twenty-First Century

Tenth Edition

January 2018 | 480 pages | CQ Press
Authoritative and trusted, Environmental Policy once again brings together top scholars to evaluate the continuities and changes in environmental policy since the late 1960s and to discuss their implications for the early twenty-first century, helping students decipher the underlying trends, institutional constraints, and policy dilemmas that shape environmental politics. The book looks at how national environmental policy and its place within public discourse developed over time; how policy has changed within federal institutions (president, congress, the courts) and state and local governments, as well as how environmental governance involves private sector environmental policies and practices. Students will appreciate the book's in-depth examinations of public policy dilemmas, including fracking, food production and the environment; urban sustainability; and the viability of using market solutions to address policy challenges. Part Four's Global Issues and Controversies chapters examine global climate change governance; the developing world and the environment; and China's quest for a green economy. Vig and Kraft's concluding chapter provides an excellent synthesis of the topics covered, offering a measured yet hopeful evaluation of what future challenges policymakers will confront as the American environmental movement continues to impact the political process.
Michael Kraft, Norman Vig
Chapter 1: U..S. Environmental Policy: Achievements and New Directions
Barry Rabe
Chapter 2: Racing to the Top, the Bottom, or the Middle of the Pack? The Evolving State Government Role in Environmental Protection
Luis Hestres, Matthew Nisbet
Chapter 3: Environmental Advocacy at the Dawn of the Trump Era: Assessing Strategies for the Preservation of Progress
Norman Vig
Chapter 4: Presidential Powers and Environmental Policy
Michael Kraft
Chapter 5: Environmental Policy in Congress
Rosemary O'Leary
Chapter 6: Environmental Policy in the Courts
Richard Andrews
Chapter 7: The Environmental Protection Agency
Craig Thomas
Chapter 8: Natural Resources Agencies and Policies
Edward Weber, David Bernell, Hilary Boudet, Patricia Fernandez
Chapter 8: Energy Policy: Fracking, Coal, and the Water-Energy Nexus
Christopher Bosso, Nicole Tichenor
Chapter 9: Eating and the Environment: Ecological Tensions in Food Production
Sheila Olmstead
Chapter 10: Applying Market Principles to Environmental Policy
Daniel Press, Daniel Mazmanian
Chapter 11: Toward Sustainable Production: Finding Workable Strategies for Government and Industry
Kent Portney
Chapter 12: Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: What Cities Are Doing
Henrik Selin, Stacy VanDeveer
Chapter 13: Global Climate Change Governance: Where to Go After Paris?
Richard Tobin
Chapter 14: Environment, Population, and the Developing World
Norman Vig, Michael Kraft
Chapter 15: Conclusion: Future Environmental Challenges and Solutions
Key features

This new edition of Environmental Policy builds upon the strength of the last edition, with chapters thoroughly revised and updated to reflect recent developments and policy controversies.


·         Chapters incorporate new scholarship and studies, polling data, court rulings, congressional actions, agency decisions, state-level policy changes, and other pertinent events and developments.


·         This edition offers extensive coverage of the Obama administration’s major environmental, resource, and energy policy actions and achievements over eight years as well as efforts to alter that legacy.


·         It has extensive coverage of key decisions in the Trump administration, including new policy and budgetary proposals, major appointments to executive agencies, regulatory changes, and other major actions.


·         New case studies are included throughout the book and offer analysis of environmental policy rulemaking, congressional and presidential decision making, court rulings, and innovative state actions.


·         Chapters cover developments in energy policy, including hydraulic fracturing or fracking, oil and gas drilling, controversies over use of coal, increased reliance on renewable energy sources, and diverse actions at the federal and state levels, and within industry, to reduce carbon emissions.


·         Authors address the greening of industry, the use of market incentives, urban sustainability initiatives, and the connections between food production and the environment, 


·         Coverage includes the evolving role of the states in environmental policy, and changes in environmental advocacy strategies, especially the use of social media to reach the American public.


·         The role of environmental science and economics in decision making receives significant attention throughout.


·         Chapters also cover international policy developments, including the Paris Agreement on climate change, and recent actions related to population growth, economic development, food production, public health, and efforts to alleviate global poverty.

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