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Essentials of Nursing Critically Ill Adults

Essentials of Nursing Critically Ill Adults

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May 2022 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An essential guide to critical care nursing that includes all the key scientific knowledge and procedures you will need to know when entering the critical care environment.

Written by a dedicated team of lecturers and practitioners with extensive experience in critical care nursing, this textbook covers all the key elements involved in nursing critically ill adults, with individual chapters on managing problems associated with different organ systems and the pathophysiology behind these disorders. It also features coverage of psychological care and infection prevention, and includes a consistent focus on the importance of a person centred, evidence-based approach to critical care delivery.

To further support your learning, the book is full of activities that enhance your knowledge and test your understanding, including clinical case studies, critical thinking tasks, and reflective practice exercises. For lecturers and instructors, there is a collection of online resources including a testbank of multiple-choice questions, links to relevant videos for each chapter, and PowerPoint slides for each chapter.

The ideal textbook for nursing students studying critical care, undertaking clinical placements in intensive care, or nurses new to the critical care environment.

Chapter 1: The history and development of critical care nursing - Samantha Freeman
Chapter 2: Humanising critical care - Samantha Freeman
Chapter 3: Critical care continuum - Samantha Freeman and Sally Moore
Chapter 4: Infection prevention and control in critical care - Mark Cole
Chapter 5: Critical Care related to the Respiratory system - Colin Steen, Sam Freeman and Greg Bleakley
Chapter 6: Critical Care related to the Cardiac system - Colin Steen
Chapter 7: Critical Care related to systemic inflammatory response - Colin Steen
Chapter 8: Critical Care related to the renal and liver systems - Greg Bleakley and Samantha Freeman
Chapter 9: Complex Case SCENARIO 1 - Samantha Freeman, Emily Brennan and Sally Moore
Chapter 10: Critical Care Related to the Gastrointestinal System - Claire Burns
Chapter 11: Critical Care related to Neurology physiology and disorders - Greg Bleakley and Mark Cole
Chapter 12: Critical Care related to the Skin and Integumentary System - Claire Burns
Chapter 13: Complex Case SCENARIO 2 - Greg Bleakley
Chapter 14: Critical Care related to women during pregnancy and childbirth - Gill Singleton and Kim Wilcock
Chapter 15: The psychological care of the critically ill - Samantha Freeman
Chapter 16: Supporting those at the end of life in critical care - Karen Heggs
Chapter 17: Rehabilitation after Critical Illness - Sally Moore and Samantha Freeman


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Ideal text for anyone new to critical care nursing, as it covers the key aspects involved in nursing the critically ill patient. Nursing students will also find this an engaging read; the included activities will help to consolidate their learning.

Ms Lesley Andrews
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
August 8, 2022

This is more focused for post registration nursing practice, We will add this to another course reading list when up and running 2022-23

Mrs Joanne Learney
Department of Health Studies, University of Suffolk
November 12, 2021

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