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Ethnicity versus Nationalism

Ethnicity versus Nationalism
The Devolution Discourse in Sri Lanka

First Edition

July 2003 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The question of sharing political power with the Tamils has dominated the constitutional history of Sri Lanka during the last eight decades. This book is a study of the controversy over devolution, one of the crucial issues in Sri Lanka's current political crisis.

The author has sensitively handled the complexities of the issues involved in this major ethnic crisis. The analysis of the current situation is accompanied by an introduction to the various phases of the evolution of the problem over the last fifty years or more. This is a comprehensive study on the subject of ethnic conflict and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. The broad theoretical premises that govern the concept of devolution in an ethnically divided society have been discussed in detail.

Devolution or Evolution
Evolution of the Debate I

Evolution of the Debate I

Kumaratunga's Devolution Proposals
The Ethnic and Political Responses
The Issues
The Debate
The LTTE Factor
The Devolution Discourse in Perspective
From Eelam to Virtual Eelam
A Postscript


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ISBN: 9780761997719