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Volume: 36

May 1995 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Ethnomethodology is a research strategy that systematically examines the everyday interactions between people. In the past three decades, an impressive body of work has been created under this label by such noted scholars as Garfinkel, Sacks, Cicourel, Schlegloff, Mehan, and Emerson. In this volume, Alain Coulon demystifies the ethnomethodological tradition and its often arcane nomenclature. Coulon explains its history, its major features, and the major criticisms leveled at it in terms that are accessible to students and novices. Covering both the theoretical notions and main ethnomethodological practices and replete with examples of key work in the area, Ethnomethodology is the first accessible, brief introduction to this important qualitative research tradition.

The Forerunners
The History of the Ethnomethodological Movement
The Major Concepts of Ethnomethodology
Lay Sociology and Professional Sociology
Questions of Method
Critiques and Convergences

clear, concise - an essential basic introduction

Dr Jeffrey Goatcher
Dept of Sociology & Politics, Nottingham Trent University
March 26, 2010

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