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Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish

Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish

Third Edition

Survey Research

September 2010 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This thoroughly updated new edition of the bestselling text trains students—potential researchers and consumers of research—to critically read a research article from start to finish. Containing 25 engaging samples of ideal and flawed research, the text helps students assess the soundness of the design and appropriateness of the statistical analyses.

About the Author
1. Introduction
2. Case Studies
3. Narrative Analysis
4. Surveys
5. Correlation Studies
6. Regression Analysis Studies
7. Factor-Analytic Studies
8. Discriminant Analysis Studies
9. Two-Condition Experimental Studies
10. Single Classification Studies
11. Factorial Studies
12. Quasi-Experimental Studies
13. Longitudinal Studies
Answers to Study Example Critiques
Author Index
Subject Index

This is a great book, providing useful tips for reading and understanding research articles. It will be adopted for my next course.

Psychology , argosy univ
March 30, 2011

I'm still using the Pyrczak Patten text for now

Dr G. Kevin Randall
Education, Bradley University
March 28, 2011

Am recommending for supplementary use in class.

Dr Mark Baron
Educational Admin Dept, University of South Dakota
March 22, 2011

I love this book! The authors' use of "notes" as they critique each study component gives students an insiders view of what it means to critically analyze scholarship. This method moves students from being 'outsiders' in the construction of knowledge to 'insiders' because it shows them that 'it's okay' to have, and to insert, their own voice into the empirical discourse of their profession. An empowering text indeed!

Professor Carrie Elliott
College Of Social Work, University of South Carolina
January 10, 2011
Key features
Key Features
  • Shows students how to critically read an introduction
  • Highlights how to "dissect" the method section to help decide whether precautions were taken to guard against threats to internal validity
  • Familiarizes students with interpreting results, performing additional calculations, and checking a particular result
  • Explains how to carefully evaluate the experimenter's discussion of the results

New to this Edition

  • A review of the scientific method
  • A new section on measurement and Psychometrics
  • A consolidated overview of each chapter
  • A new chapter on longitudinal research designs
  • Updated references and suggested readings in every chapter
  • Practical suggestions for reading research articles

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