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Exploring Mass Communication - Teaching Aids


Tools for You and Your Students

Try these handpicked aids and resources designed to elevate your teaching journey—all completely free.

For Students:


Infographic: 5 Reasons You Should Study Mass Communication

Spread the word and enlighten your students with this informative infographic that explores the many reasons why a mass communication degree can prove to be a game-changer for their career paths.

For Instructors:


Podcast: Current Trends Shaping the Field of Mass Communication

Join best-selling author and educator Vincent F. Filak as he dives into the dynamic world of mass communication. Uncover the thrilling evolution of the field, feel the pulse of new technologies, and join the journey into the future of this ever-evolving discipline.  


Podcast: Current Trends Shaping Mass Comm Part 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In part 2 of a 2-part podcast on trends in Mass Communication, best-selling author and educator Vincent F. Filak emphasizes the value of DEI in broadening perspectives and fostering student engagement and growth. He highlights more inclusive teaching strategies and integrative approaches to representing diverse experiences.


Author Blog: Dynamics of Writing

Through his blog, Dynamics of Writing, Vincent F. Filak delves into captivating news topics curated to ignite classroom discussions and cultivate critical thinking in mass communication and journalism courses. Designed to be informative and valuable, the content strikes the perfect balance, ensuring an engaging experience without sacrificing depth or becoming overly serious. Don't miss Mass Comm Mondays!

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