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Exploring Technology and Social Space

Exploring Technology and Social Space

Volume: 1

© 1997 | 231 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Examining the fundamental assumptions that we hold about the role of technology in our lives, Technology and Social Space describes the possibilities and limitations of human agency within the new wired world. In a patient and thoughtful style, author J. Macgregor Wise elaborates a critical, philosophical, and epistemological framework from which to better understand our relations to technology and social space. The book argues that most treatments of technology and society arise from a modernist episteme (or set of assumptions) that radically separates humans from technologies, focusing on questions of determination and identity. In an attempt to provide a clearer view of technology and social space, the book explores alternative perspectives centered on notions of agency. Working from within these alternative epistemes, the book turns its attention to the burgeoning technological assemblage of communication and information characterized by the Internet and cyberspace. Technology and Social Space draws on the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari and the actor-network sociology of Bruno Latour, and brings together diverse examples from cyborg films, television, museums, cyberspace, and debates over a New World Information and Communication Order. Ultimately, the book describes the possibilities and limitation of human agency within the new wired world. This groundbreaking volume will be of interest to professionals and academics in popular culture, media studies, mass communication, and sociology.
Slouching towards Tralfamadore
The Modern Episteme  
Beyond the Modern Episteme
Space and Agency in the Land of the Cyborgs  
Living in a Deleuzian World
Making Television, Making History
AT&T Builds the Bomb  
From SDI to NII through the MSI  
Welcome to Your Assemblage
It's a Small World After All
Rethinking the NIICO and the GII  
Technology is License to Forget  

The author uses Deleuze and Guattari concepts to analyze space and technology. Also, concepts as cyborg and cyborg human relation are explored. A fascinating approach to technology and human positionality within this technological space

Mr Fergus Hogan
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
November 18, 2015

An interesting and accessible introduction to Deleuzian ideas and approaches for understanding contemporary socio-technical entanglements.

Mr Steven Wright
Division for Health Research, Lancaster University
October 21, 2013

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