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Failure to Millionaire

Failure to Millionaire
How I Created a Successful Company and How You Can Too!

  • Sivadas Raghava - Director and Global Head, Services, RSI Content Solutions Inc., USA
Critical Acclaim

© 2016 | 204 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
9 startups and 6 failures, including the first and the last, a couple of moderate successes and one fairly good one. Sivadas Raghava is no ordinary entrepreneur. His biggest achievements have been his failures for they have been his biggest learning source.  This book is built on the foundations of failure to provide the roadmap for entrepreneurial success. 
Foreword by Pradipta Mohapatra
Only When You Fall Can You Get Up
Grab The Opportunity: Turn An Entrepreneur
Boldness: The First Step to Success
Entrepreneurship: Dream and You Can
Consistency of Purpose Is Key to Success
Do Not Stop: Keep Going
Secret to Success: Sharpen Your Axe
Complementarity of Skill: The Key to a Successful Partnership
Make the Solution Obvious
On the Comeback Trail
Seizing the Opportunity: Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Business
Eggs Can’t Fly
Strategy @ Scope: Employee Engagement— Key to Client Satisfaction
Be Different, Be Noticed: Marketing and Business Development
Managing Operations: Implement Like Hell
Lessons Learnt in Outsourcing
Minds @ Work in Teams
From Logic to Imagination: Innovate to Grow
Fund Raising and Managing Finances
Work–Life Balance in the Entrepreneurial Journey
Life Post Exit

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