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Failures in Group Work

Failures in Group Work
How We Can Learn from Our Mistakes

March 1999 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"I view this book as essential in an advanced group work course and for all experienced group counselors who want to continue to develop their skills. The case examples are great. They are detailed and well written." — Janice L. DeLucia-Waack, State University of New York "This engaging text presents a clear view of the developing direction in group work. The text reads easily and clearly identifies elements that can be incorporated into advanced group training courses and into supervision with practitioners who have been in the field and are seeking further skill development. I would recommend the text highly for experienced group workers, or for advanced classes in group work." —Michael Hutchins, Ph.D., Private Practice "The manuscript is well planned. It follows a natural developmental sequence. Performance is in the chapters that present the critical incidents. The case examples are developed well and sound real. Processing occurs in each of these chapters and again in Chapter 10. The emphasis placed on Process is clearly a most significant point. Without question, knowledge and understanding of process and processing cannot be overvalued. Not all training programs can adequately address all the four forms of group work. The way each is presented here --especially the case/anecdotal format offers a means for exposing students to each of the area of group work and encourages the reader to investigate and learn more about them. The author's writing style is lively and makes the text readable. Using the Failures approach is somewhat like adopting an eastern philosophical point of view of a paradoxical position. They are only truly failures if we do not learn from them! This felt so affirming to read since I have tried to instill a similar belief in students…There are no failures…only better ways the next time. At the end of each of the case study chapters area very fine way of stimulating thought, encouraging review and further investigation, including generating class discussion." —Jeremiah Donigian, State University of New York "The freshness of the book is the focus on failure, which is a different approach than most books that focus on success." —Steven R. Rose, Louisiana State University "The manuscript is well organized with beginning chapters using conceptual organizers to prepare the reader for the chapters which follow. The writer's consistent use of planning, performing, and processing throughout the book is very helpful….The writer's approach is unique and interesting as a way for readers to learn about group work." —Beverly Brown, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University In Failures in Group Work, author Robert K. Conyne presents a model for effective group leadership and suggests that significant failures, when handled effectively, can be understood in terms of this model. This volume provides detailed descriptions of actual failure events in group leadership. Conyne includes two cases for each of the major types of group work such as task groups, psychoeducational groups, counseling groups, and psychotherapy groups. There is no other group work book like this one that approaches succeeding as a group leader by examining what is not working and moving from there. Richly written, personal case studies are used to examine the inner workings and common mistakes of task group leaders, counseling group leaders, and psychotherapy group leaders. The author takes the reader into the world of practical experience from which powerful learning lessons are cultivated, drawn from his decades of experience. Failures in Group Work can be used as a core textbook for courses in group counseling, group therapy, group process, social work with groups, and other group-oriented courses.

A Framework for Examining Group Work
Developing a Group Program
The Task Group Leader Should Not Deliver Group Counseling
Missing the Driving Force
Lacking a Plan
Surprise and Challenge in Group Leadership
Violating the Code
Problems with Diversity
You Need To Trust the Process
Learning from Our Mistakes through Processing

"I view this book as essential in an advanced group work course and for all experienced group counselors who want to continue to develop their skills. The case examples are great. They are detailed and well written." 

Janice L. DuLucia-Waack
State University of New York

Sage College Publishing

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