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Families and Retirement

Families and Retirement

Edited by:

Volume: 137

March 1992 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What are the long term effects of retirement on family relationships? Do personality characteristics or attitudes of one spouse impinge on the other spouse's retirement plans and adjustment? What differences exist in the ways males and females adapt to retirement? Leading researchers in the fields of family studies and gerontology present enlightening information on the impact of retirement on family relations. Original essays focus on gender and ethnic differences, the role of children, siblings, and significant others, and the multiple changes retirement creates in marriage. In addition, a variety of theoretical models, existing research, and methodological problems in studying retired families are explored. Families and Retirement is essential reading for graduate students, researchers, and professionals in gerontology, sociology, social work, family psychology, and policy studies. "This is a well-written book. The editors have done a great job in selecting chapter authors whose research is important and directly related to the focus of the book. . . . The book will be an excellent text for sociology classes focusing mainly on retirement. It will also serve well as a supplemental text in gerontology, family studies, economics, and other college and university courses wherein retirement is studied." --Journal of Marriage and the Family "Just when it seems too complex a task to produce a text that addresses retirement from the perspective of the family, a new work appears that does just that. . . . The editors have successfully expanded [the] traditional concern with the individual by choosing studies showing relationships and issues on aspects of retirement and family." --Family Relations

Lillian E Troll
Maximiliane Szinovacz, David J Ekerdt and Barbara H Vinick
Families and Retirement
Conceptual and Methodological Issues

Mark D Hayward and Mei-Chun Liu
Men and Women in Their Retirement Years
A Demographic Profile

Brian Gratton and Frances M Rotondo
The `Family Fund'
Strategies for Security in Old Age in the Industrial Era

Regina O'Grady-LeShane and John B Williamson
Family Provisions in Old-Age Pensions
Twenty Industrial Nations

Angela M O'Rand, John C Henretta and Margaret L Krecker
Family Pathways to Retirement
Laurie Russell Hatch and Aaron Thompson
Family Responsibilities and Women's Retirement
Leslie A Morgan
Marital Status and Retirement Plans
Do Widowhood and Divorce Make a Difference?

Barbara H Vinick and David J Ekerdt
Couples View Retirement Activities
Expectation vs Experience

Robert C Atchley
Retirement and Marital Satisfaction
Lorraine T Dorfman
Couples in Retirement
Division of Household Work

Trudy B Anderson
Conjugal Support Among Working-Wife and Retired-Wife Couples
Pat M Keith, Robbyn R Wacker and Robert B Schafer
Equity in Older Families
Lee Cuba
Family and Retirement in the Context of Elderly Migration
Ellie Brubaker and Timothy H Brubaker
The Context of Retired Women as Caregivers
Maximiliane Szinovacz
Social Activities and Retirement Adaptation
Gender and Family Variations

Maximiliane Szinovacz, David J Ekerdt and Barbara H Vinick
Families and Retirement
Avenues for Research


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