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Feminist Media Studies

Feminist Media Studies

July 1994 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"Questions of gender are scarce in the mass communication literature and feminist media studies remain marginalized. Here is a strong effort to remedy the situation, an overview that initiates the newcomer and offers topics and methods for the previously initiated. . . . All levels." --Choice Feminists have long recognized the significance of the media as a forum for the expression of--or challenges to--the existing constructions of gender. In this broad-ranging analysis, Liesbet van Zoonen explores how feminist theory and research contribute to a fuller understanding of the media's multiple roles in the construction of gender in contemporary societies.

'New' Themes
A 'New' Paradigm
Media Production and the Encoding of Gender
Media Texts and Gender
Spectatorship and the Gaze
Gender and Media Reception
Research Methods

`An invaluable tour d'horizon of feminist media theory and research, this book will also be essential reading for anyone interested in the many diverse strands of feminist media politics today. Liesbet van Zoonen successfully maps the contours of a now vast terrain, reflecting its tremendous heterogeneity and providing a thoughtful appraisal of current theoretical positions within it' - Margaret Gallagher, Media Consultant

`At last we have a cogent and accessible synthesis of feminist work on the media. That would have been contribution enough, but van Zoonen's book goes beyond a synthesis to a sophisticated yet sympathetic critique of various feminist approaches to studying the media, using her own original analysis of media content and production to fill in where work is undeveloped or absent. The reader - whether new to the subject or a seasoned feminist scholar - will find the book useful and provocative. The book lays the foundation for understanding the value of a poststructuralist turn in feminist media studies but without condemning the usefulness of other feminist projects and without theoretical jargon. van Zoonen presents the best explanation of some phenomena - such as the reason that the 'male gaze' is not simply reversed when women look at pictures of men's bodies - that I have read. It's all here in one place. van Zoonen deserves our thanks' - Lana Rakow, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

`Although, as van Zoonen notes, the media have played a central role in feminist critique, questions of gender are scarce in the mass communication literature and feminist media studies remain marginalized. Here is a strong effort to remedy the situation' - Choice

`Liesbet van Zoonen has succeeded in exhibiting the unappreciated diversity of feminist media theorising and has prepared the ground for demonstrating its continuing relevance to newly emerging and diverse media genres. Her interesting and insightful work will be greatly welcomed by researchers, students and teachers both in women's studies and media and communication departments. I suspect that a straightforward feminist voice is what those interested would most welcome' - Sociology

`Van Zoonen offers a provocative vision for the future of the field, and provides us with an important contribution to the literature of mass communication' - Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Seminal work that should be read as widely as possible.

Dr Valentina Cardo
School of Political, Social and International Studies, University of East Anglia
May 19, 2011