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FinTech Future

FinTech Future
The Digital DNA of Finance

  • Sanjay Phadke - Fintech Specialist and Head Global Platforms and Alliances, Vayana Network

February 2020 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Fintech is challenging banks and squeezing all our financial transactions onto a mobile screen! Should we be worried? 

We make payments via PayPal or Paytm, shop on Amazon or Flipkart, book accommodation on Airbnb or Oyo and call a cab using Uber or Ola apps. The big tech companies are taking care of all our finances virtually while new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, big data, 5G and quantum computing promise to raise a new storm in the future of finance. Fintech Future is the story of technology disrupting finance—from coin to bitcoin, banknote to cloud and stodgy old banks to AI—viewed from the perspective of whether it helps make the world a better place.


Foreword by T. V. Mohandas Pai
The Business of Finance: An Overview
Fintech 1.0. Technology Enters Financial Services
Fintech is All Around us
How Business of Money Grew Digital!
How Does DNA of Tech Compare to Banks?
Big Tech Comes Calling onto Bank Turf
Rise of the Fintech Startups into Mainstream
The Finscape of US, China and India
Fintech 2.0. Indian Digital Renaissance
Fault Lines in the World of Finance
The Revival of Indian Finance: Mission 2025
Digitization of Indian Financial Infrastructure
UID: Will the Most Ambitious Technology Program Recover?
Digital Business: How Does GST Go into the Heart of Financial Services?
Role of Fintech in India’s Promise of US$ 5 Trillion Opportunity
Fintech 3.0. Technologies That Can Create the New ABC of Fintech
A for Artificial intelligence, Algorithms, Anomaly and Autonomous
B for Big Data, Blockchain and Bitcoin
C for Cloud, Crypto (Ethereum, Smart contracts) and Cybersecurity
Fintech 4.0. All Finance Becomes Fintech
Merging of Fintech and Finance into Finance as a Service (FAAS)
Technology Making Money Redundant?

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ISBN: 9789353882488

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