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Food Security in Asia

Food Security in Asia

First Edition
  • Amitava Mukharjee - Senior Expert, Macro-economic Policy and Development Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Bangkok, Thailand

October 2012 | 416 pages | SAGE India

Food Security in Asia provides a comprehensive analysis of the critical dimensions of food security in various countries of Asia. It attempts to draw attention towards the fact that food insecurity is a complex phenomenon, requiring a comprehensive response encompassing increasing food production, expanding economic access to food, especial access to food for disadvantaged groups and most importantly, breaking down the gender-based barriers to accessing food.

As one of the major challenges of the 21st century, global food security calls upon the countries to maintain a balance in food production. The suppliers also need to ensure year-long provision at both low cost and high quality for discerning and needy customers. The book discusses the governmental policies in relation to the communities' responses. While highlighting on the pressure exerted by climate change and world population growth, it also prescribes certain ideas which would help in making informed policy decisions.

Foreword Atiur Rahman
Setting the Context and the Problematic

Food Insecurity and Its Causes

Food Insecurities Faced by Women and Girl Children

A Select Suite of Government Response to Hunger

Community Based Responses to Food Security

Social Access and Social Protection for Food Security

Towards an Agenda on Food Security for Asia

This is an extremely well-written comprehensive treatise on food...the book provides several powerful messages both to the government and corporate sector with regard to food production methods and goals... provides valuable analysis and suggestion...this book echoes the views on food security and sustainable rural development.
Current Science

[The book] provides a holistic picture of the experiences of many Asian Pacific countries on the level and magnitude of food and security and challenges being faced by them to be food-secure nations...encompasses a very detailed and comprehensive analysis of key issues on the subject and the strategies that ought to be adopted to make peoples in Asia-Pacific region food secure...certainly provides insights into many areas for further research.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

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