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Fractured Forest, Quartzite City

Fractured Forest, Quartzite City
A History of Delhi and its Ridge

  • Thomas Crowley - author and currently a researcher at Rutgers University, USA

November 2020 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
A sprawling megacity of nearly twenty million people, Delhi has forgotten its ecological history, a key part of which is the Ridge, often referred to as Delhi's ‘green lung’. At various points, Delhi has been a crucial hub of politics, warfare, trade and religious expansion on regional and global levels. Placing Delhi’s environment at the front and centre of its unique history, the book tells the tale of the Ridge, which resonates far beyond the boundaries of India's capital. The Ridge offers a crucial vantage point for viewing these historical and geographical interconnections. Its trees can't be separated from the stones below them, nor the cities that rose and fell around them. Only with this perspective does a clear picture of the Ridge—and Delhi as a whole—emerge.

Seeds: Introduction
Stones: Shifting Geologies of the Ridge
Soil: Mobile Ecologies, Hybrid Histories
State: Warfare, Pageantry, Politics
Surplus: Production, Consumption, Speculation
Spirits: Transcendence, Sacred and Secular

This lucid, well-researched account reaches back into ancient history, encompasses recent political and economic events, and makes a passionate plea for protecting the Ridge as a forested commons open to all city-dwellers. 

Amita Baviskar
Professor of Sociology, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India

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ISBN: 9789353885540