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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management - Interactive eBook

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management - Interactive eBook
People, Data, and Analytics

February 2020 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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This dynamic, mobile-friendly interactive eBook version of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking, giving you access to SAGE Premium Video—curated and produced specifically for this text. Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of multimedia features, including:


  • VIDEO: Boost learning and bolster analysis with SAGE Premium Video. Recapping the fundamentals in every chapter, each video activity is paired with chapter learning objectives and tied to assessment via SAGE coursepacks. Videos featured include Inside HR interviews where students can hear how real companies are using HR to gain competitive advantage, as well as SHRM and TEDTalk videos.
  • SAGE BUSINESS CASES: Access exclusive, influential business cases which provide students with real-world cases and discussion questions for additional in-depth analysis.
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About the Author
Part 1: HRM in Context
Chapter 1: Human Resource Managment
Chapter 2: Strategic HRM , Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics
Chapter 3: Data Management and Human Resources Information Systems
Chapter 4: Diversity , Inclusion , and Equal Employment Laws
Chapter 5: The Analysis and Design of Work
Part 2: Managing the Talent Life Cycle
Chapter 6: Workforce Planning and Recruitment
Chapter 7: Selection Processes and Procedures
Chapter 8: Training, Development, and Careers
Chapter 9: Performance Management
Chapter 10: Managing Employee Separations and Retention
Part 3: Reward System
Chapter 11: Rewarding Employees
Chapter 12: Managing Benefits
Chapter 13: Employee and Labor Relations
Part 4: Special Topics in HR
Chapter 14: Employee Safety, Well-Being, and Wellness
Chapter 15: Opportunities and Challenges in International HRM
Appendix A: Cases
Appendix B: Data Analytics Exercsies

I tried to use this book in 2020, but we had the pandemic that prevent to use it. I will use this book in the MBA-HR class starting in Spring 2022. This book is excellent for grad students and provides excellent examples, including data and how to solve the cases.

Dr Carlos Linares
Business Admin Dept, Midway University
October 25, 2021
Key features
  • This streamlined version of Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics offers instructors a more affordable and flexible option for their courses.
  • Integrated coverage of ethics, diversity, technology, small and medium sized businesses, legal issues, and data and analytics prepare students to thrive in the modern workplace.
  • A chapter on Data Management and Human Resource Information Systems unpacks the increasingly important role of data in today's workplace. 
  • 15 real-world case studies bring material to life and give students a glimpse into HR practices at a variety of organizations including Google, Igloo, USWNT, Pinterest, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mercy Corps.
  • HR in Action features at the beginning of each chapter help set the stage for students about why the topic matters to HRM.
  • Data and Analytics Exercises provide students with step-by-step guidance for completing basic data analysis in Excel and allows them to engage in relationship management, leadership and navigation, and consultation for organizational decision makers identified in the exercises.
  • End of chapter skill builders, decision-making, and ethics exercises help students grapple with HR in action.

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