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Fundamentals of Organization Development

Fundamentals of Organization Development

Four Volume Set
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December 2009 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Applying a reflective behavioral science approach to the effectiveness and improvement of organizations, organization development has embedded itself firmly in the bricks and mortar of organization studies in the last half century. This collection brings together, for the first time, a diverse range of papers in the field, serving as the first point of reference for practitioners and academics alike.

Adopting a critical perspective, the pre-eminent editors have brought acknowledged twentieth-century milestones together with modern classics from the founders of this core theoretical area of organization studies, as well as other largely unacknowledged and difficult to find highlights – a renewed focus on which will help redefine understanding of the field.

Volume I: Understanding and Researching in Organization Development
Volume II: Pillars of Organization Development
Volume III: Organization Development Interventions
Volume IV: Emerging Issues and Challenges

Part I: Understanding Organization Development
Group Decision and Social Change Kurt Lewin
Organization Development: Planned environmental change Richard Beckhard
Organization Development Frank Friedlander & L. David Brown
The Development of Human Systems: Basic themes Fred Massarik, Newton Margulies & Robert Tannenbaum
Organization Development: Science, technology or philosophy Edgar H. Schein
The New Agenda for Organization Development W. Warner Burke
Organization Development from the View of the Experts Don D. Warrick
T-Groups for Organizational Effectiveness Chris Argyris
Overcoming Resistance to Change Lester Coch & John R.P. French
Kurt Lewin and the Harwood Studies: The foundations of OD Bernard Burnes
Part II: Research in Organization Development
The Process of Utilization of Social Research to Improve Social Practice Ronald Lippitt
Action-research as Applied to Organization Development Samuel A. Culbert
Organization Inquiry: Towards a new model of the action research process Abraham B. Shani & William Pasmore
Survey-Guided Development: Using human resources measurement in organizational change David G. Bowers & Jerome Franklin
The Case Meta-Analysis Method for OD R.J. Bullock & Mark E. Tubbs
Organizational Change and the Conduct of Assessment Research Edward E. Lawler III, David A. Nadler & Philip H. Mirvis
Introduction: Pillars of OD David. Coghlan & A.B. (Rami) Shani
Part I: Values/Ethics
Values and Ethics in OD Practice David Jamieson & William Gellerman
Part II: Change
Changing Organizations Warren G. Bennis
General Strategies for Effecting Changes in Human Systems Robert Chin & Kenneth Benne
Assessing the Process and Progress of Change in Organizational Change Programs Philip H. Mirvis
Measuring Change and Persistence in Human Affairs: Types of change generated by OD designs Robert T. Golembiewski, Keith Billingsley & Samuel Yeager
First-Order, Second-Order, and Third-Order Change and Organization Development Interventions Jean M. Bartunek & Michael Moch
Development, Transition, or Transformation: The question of change in organizations Linda Ackerman
Transformational and Coercive Strategies for Planned Organizational Change: Beyond the OD model Dexter Dunphy & Doug A. Stace
A Review of Research on the Change Typology Achilles A. Armenakis
Part III: Diagnosing
Open System Redesign Charles Krone
Organizational Diagnosis: Six places to look for trouble with or without a theory Marvin R. Weisbord
A Model for Diagnosing Organizational Behavior David A. Nadler & Michael Tushman
Stream Analysis: A method for decomposing organization development interventions Jerry Porras, Joan Harkness & Coeleen Klebert
Organization Development Diagnosis Craig C. Lundberg
Part IV: Consulting
Dimensions of the Consultant's Job Ronald R Lippitt
Rules of Thumb for Change Agents Herbert A Shepard
Consultants and Detectives Fritz Steele
An Organization Development Approach to Consulting David A. Kolb & Alan Frohman
A General Philosophy of Helping: Process consultation Edgar H. Schein
Part V: Understanding Interventions
The Primary Tasks of Intervention Activities Chris Argyris
Choosing the Depth of Organizational Intervention Roger Harrison
Planned Change in Underorganized Systems L. David Brown
Introduction: Organization Development Interventions A.B. (Rami) Shani and David Coghlan
Part I: Limited Change Programs
Career Development and Planning Douglas T. Hall & Marilyn A. Morgan
The Confrontation Meeting Richard Beckhard
Role Negotiation: A tough-minded approach to team development Roger Harrison
Employee Fitness and Wellness Programs in the Workplace Deborah Gebhardt & Carolyn Crump
Optimizing Team-building Efforts Richard Beckhard
Part II: Focused Change Programs
When Does Job Restructuring Work? Organizational innovations at Volvo and GM Noel M. Tichy & Jay. N. Nisberg
Management by Objectives: The team approach Wendell L. French & Robert W. Hollmann
Self Designing Organizations: Towards implementing quality-of-work-life innovations Thomas G. Cummings & Susan A. Mohrman
Quality Management: Practice risks and value-added roles for organization development practitioners Ira M. Levin & Jonathan Z. Gottlieb
Part III: Holistic Change Programs
Breakthrough in Organization Development Robert R. Blake, Jane S. Mouton, Louis B. Barnes & Larry Greiner
Strategies for Large System Change Richard Beckhard
Future Search: Toward strategic intervention Marvin E. Weisbord
Collateral Organization: A new change strategy? Dale E. Zand
Advances in Appreciative Inquiry as an OD intervention Gervase Bushe
Organizational Culture: What is it and how to change it Edgar H. Schein
The Evolution of Sociotechnical Systems Eric L. Trist
Sociotechnical Systems Redesign William A. Pasmore
Business Process Reengineering at Blue Shield of California: The Integration of Multiple Change Initiatives Michael W. Stebbins, A. B. (Rami) Shani, Wayne Moon & Debra Bowles.
How to have an Honest Conversation about your Business Strategy Michael Beer & Russell Eisenstat
Introduction: Organization development - emerging issues and challenges A.B. (Rami) Shani and David Coghlan
Part I: Future Research Paradigm
Action Science: Linking causal theory and meaning making in action research Victor J. Friedman and Tim Rogers
Clinical Inquiry/Research Edgar H. Schein
Collaborating for Management Research: From action research to intervention research in organizations Armand Hatchuel & Albert David
Action Research and the Problem of the Single Case Bjorn Gustavsen
Collaborative Management Research through Communities of Inquiry: Challenges and Skills David Coghlan & A.B.(Rami) Shani
Towards a More Rigorous, Reflective, and Relevant Science of Collaborative Management Research William A. Pasmore, Richard W. Woodman & Aneika L. Simmons
Part II: Learning
Action Science and Organizational Learning Chris Argyris
Framing for Learning: Lessons in successful technology implementation Amy C. Edmondson
Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves: The transformation of human systems Robert E. Quinn, Gretchen Spreitzer, Gretchen & Matthew Brown
Fundamental Organizational Change as Organizational Learning: Creating time-based organizations Susan A. Mohrman & Allan M. Mohrman, Jr.
Learning History: An action research practice in support of actionable learning George Roth & Hilary Bradbury
Learning by Design: Key mechanisms in organization development A.B. (Rami) Shani and Peter Docherty
Part III: Sustainability and OD
Sustained by Work: Individual and social sustainability in work organizations Mari Kira and Frans M. van Eijnatten
Creating Sustainable, Desired Change in Teams through Application of Intentional C Change and Complexity Theories Richard Boyatzis
Peter Senge, Benyamin Lichtenstein, Katrin Kaeufer, Hilary Bradbury & John Carroll  
Collaborating for Systemic Change: Conceptual, relational, and action domains for meeting the sustainability challenge
Part IV: Global OD
Organization Development and Change Interventions: A seven-nation comparison Ellen Fagenson-Eland, Ellen Ensher & W. Warner Burke
Lewin Meets Confucius: A review of the OD model of change Robert Marshak
Organization Development in Asia: Globalization, homogenization, and the end of culture-specific practices Tojo Thatchenkery
Part V: Understanding OD - The Future
Information Technology and the Lure of Integrated Change: A neglected role for organization development? Joe McDonagh & David Coghlan
Forward to the Past: Reclaiming OD's influence in the world Anne E. Feyerherm & Christopher G. Worley
The Postmodern Turn in OD Gervase Bushe & Robert Marshak
The Future of OD Education in a Global and Sustainable World Matt Minihan, & Kathleen Farquhar

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