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Gender and Race Inequality in Management: Critical Issues, New Evidence

Gender and Race Inequality in Management: Critical Issues, New Evidence

First Edition
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December 2011 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
As Washington D.C. politicians call for laws that would require disclosure of CEO-employee salary rate ratios, and CEOs of major companies such as Japan's Shiseido call for elevating women in the workplace, the topic of equality in management has taken on new life. Access to managerial jobs for protected groups has also been the focus of countless gender and race discrimination lawsuits, as well as numerous recent studies and reports. While we have seen profound changes in workplace diversity in recent decades, we are sorely in need of new and innovative studies regarding the processes that lead to racial and ethnic disparities in high-status occupations and managerial careers. This volume highlights cutting-edge research by notable and highly visible scholars working in the area of gender, race and management. Their diversity in both theoretical orientation and methodological approach gives the volume a decidedly interdisciplinary flavor, making it of wide appeal to both academics and policy makers. The contributors offer an array of insights into the policy implications of their findings, which inspire new directions for future empirical research in this important area. This volume will appeal to students of political sociology and industrial labor relations, and to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience in sociology, public affairs, psychology, economics, and business administration and management.

Matt L. Huffman
Introduction: Gender, Race, and Management
William T. Bielby
Minority Vulnerability in Privileged Occupations: Why Do African American Financial Advisers Earn Less Than Whites in a Large Financial Services Firm?
Susan T. Fiske
Managing Ambivalent Prejudices: Smart-but-Cold and Warm-but-Dumb Stereotypes
Jeffrey W. Lucas and Amy R. Baxter
Power, Influence, and Diversity in Organizations
Lauren A. Rivera
Diversity Within Reach: Recruitment versus Hiring in Elite Firms
Fiona M. Kay and Elizabeth H. Gorman
Developmental Practices, Organizational Culture, and Minority Representation in Organizational Leadership: The Case of Partners in Large U.S. Law Firms
Heather H. Haveman and Lauren S. Beresford
If You're So Smart, Why Aren?t You the Boss? Explaining the Persistent Vertical Gender Gap in Management
George Wilson
Women's Mobility into Upper-Tier Occupations: Do Determinants and Timing Differ by Race?
Ryan A. Smith
Money, Benefits, and Power: A Test of the Glass Ceiling and Glass Escalator Hypotheses
Fidan Ana Kurtulus and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey
Do Female Top Managers Help Women to Advance? A Panel Study Using EEO-1 Records
David Maume
Minorities in Management: Effects on Income Inequality, Working Conditions, and Subordinate Career Prospects among Men
Kevin Stainback and Soyoung Kwon
Female Leaders, Organizational Power, and Sex Segregation
Sheryl L. Skaggs and Julie A. Kmec
Checking the Pulse of Diversity among Health Care Professionals: An Analysis of West Coast Hospitals
Taekjin Shin
The Gender Gap in Executive Compensation: The Role of Female Directors and Chief Executive Officers

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