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Gender in Communication

Gender in Communication
A Critical Introduction

Second Edition

© 2014 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Gender in Communication: A Critical Introduction, Second Edition examines the variety of ways in which communication of and about gender enables and constrains people’s identities. Authors Catherine Helen Palczewski and Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco, with Danielle Dick McGeough, demonstrate how communication constitutes gender, rather than presenting gender as an influence on communication. Operating from an intersectional gender diversity perspective, they show how a focus on gender/sex alone omits the richness of diverse gendered lives. In addition, they explore how gender is constructed through interpersonal and public discourse in, about, and by the social institutions of family, education, work, religion, and media. Throughout the book, readers are equipped with critical analysis tools they can use to form their own conclusions about the ever-changing processes of gender in communication.
1. Developing a Critical Gender/Sex Lens
2. Theories of Gender/Sex
3. Gendered/Sexed Voices
4. Gendered/Sexed Bodies
5. Gendered/Sexed Language
6. An Introduction to Gender in Social Institutions
7. Families
8. Education
9. Work
10. Religion
11. Media
12. One Last Look Through a Critical Gendered Lens

innovative approach to communication creating gendered interpretations, accessible language for students

Miss Lynda Juliet Fitzwater
Interdiscipline , University for the Creative Arts
June 3, 2016

Presented information in a accessible way. Also appreciated the critical approach the text offered.

Dr Nickesia Gordon
Communications , Barry University
April 7, 2016

Great and concise intro.

Miss Sabine Reich
Media and Communication Studies, University of Mannheim
July 7, 2015

Essential for students of cross-cultural management and leadership looking to fully understand gender, equality and its barriers from a research perspective.

Dr Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons
Northampton Business School, Northampton University
June 29, 2015

Looking for something more neutral and unbiased.

Professor Amy Samuel
Allied Health, University Of Alaska
April 6, 2015
Key features


  • The book is streamlined to make it more accessible without sacrificing the sophistication of the trademark intersectional approach.
  • New photographs, figures, and tables explore gender in visual communication to help students more easily synthesize the material.
  • New material reflects major shifts in the state of knowledge, including masculinity studies and how recognition of transgender, intersex and cisgender people inform the study of gender.
  • Vivid examples, including examples from popular culture and social media, bring concepts to life.
  • New learning objectives, discussion questions, and bolded key terms help readers master key concepts and ideas.


  • This is the first gender in communication book to extensively address the role of the gendered body, the power of language and conversation in everyday life, and how communication in, about, and by institutions constructs gender.
  • The book embraces a gender diversity approach that recognizes the complexity of lived experiences.
  • Intersectionality is used to explain gender in communication, exploring how gender—as an ingredient in people’s identities—cannot be separated from other identity ingredients, such as race, class, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability.
  • The book takes an interdisciplinary approach that allows qualitative and rhetorical work to be discussed along with the social scientific approach, illustrating how diverse approaches can be used in knowledge construction.
  • Critical analysis tools help readers develop unique gendered lenses that enable them to formulate a multitude of their own questions about gender topics—rather than simply look for answers—and prepare them to critique gendered experiences in their lives.

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