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Gender in Urban Research

Gender in Urban Research

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Volume: 42

August 1994 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Gendered analysis of familiar urban topics provides new insights for our understanding of urban studies, not only by counting women who had formerly been invisible but also by integrating their presence into our explanatory frameworks and normative insights. Gender in Urban Research provides an introduction to urbanists who have not considered the implications of gender in their research and contributes to the existing body of work on women and cities. This volume seeks to bridge feminist theories and theories of the state. The selections presented here serve as examples of how this may be done. Issues considered include violence against women, public housing, downtown development, child care, welfare, employment, and the political roles of women and minorities. This volume provides stimulating theoretical and empirical treatments in urban scholarship and is a must-read for students and scholars in urban studies, gender studies, and political science. "These short, most readable chapters illustrate some of the many ways in which women's--and Latinas', poor women's, and African American women's--lives differ from 'the norm'--that is from those of middle-class white male planners and policymakers." --Journal of the American Planning Association

Lynn A Staeheli and Susan E Clarke
Gender, Place and Citizenship
Judith A Garber
Defining Feminist Community
Place, Choice and the Urban Politics of Difference

Lynn M Appleton
The Gender Regimes of American Cities
Louise Jezierski
Women Organizing Their Place in Restructuring Economies
Gordana Rabrenovic
Women and Collective Action in Urban Neighborhoods
Caroline Andrew
Getting Women's Issues on the Municipal Agenda
Violence against Women

Susan Abrams Beck
Gender and the Politics of Affordable Housing
Lewis A Randolph and Gayle T Tate
The Rise and Decline of African-American Political Power in Richmond
Race, Class and Gender

Susan A MacManus and Charles S Bullock III
Electing Women to Local Office
Lyn Kathlene
Developing Rape Program and Policies Based on Women's Victimization Experiences
A University/Community Model

Alma H Young and Kristine B Miranne
Women's Need for Child Care
The Stumbling Block in the Transition from Welfare to Work

Anna M Santiago and Merry Morash
Strategies for Serving Latina Battered Women
Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo, Sara McLafferty and Valerie Preston
Gender, Race and the Spatial Context of Women's Employment
Daphne Spain
Public Housing and the Beguinage
Robyne S Turner
Concern for Gender in Central-City Development Policy

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