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Genes & Cancer: Ubiquitin Marks the Cancer Web

Genes & Cancer: Ubiquitin Marks the Cancer Web
Volume 1, Issue 7; July 2010

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October 2010 | 146 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Over the past 2 decades, evidence has led to an increased appreciation of the role ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins play in the regulation of biological and pathological phenomena, including cancer. In Ubiquitin Marks the Cancer Web, editors J. Alan Diehl (Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute), Dale D. Hains (Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Oncology, University of Pennsylvania), and Serge Y. Fuchs (The Fels Institute for Cancer Research, Temple University School of Medicine), have brought together a variety of perspectives from leading researchers to bring a fresh look to this emerging topic. According to their preface in this issue, "the next decade promises to be…exciting as it should not only deepen our theoretical understanding and resolve the controversies but also evolve toward more translational efforts that exploit ubiquitin-related targets for the anticancer therapies."

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ISBN: 9781412996280