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Getting It Right

Getting It Right
Aligning Technology Initiatives for Measurable Student Results

September 2011 | 136 pages | Corwin

A fresh look at technology planning for schools

This book is designed to help educational leaders, decision makers, and teachers wade through the complexities of aligning technology planning with learning goals. Organized around a problem-solving model based on solution fluency, the authors outline how to:

  • Address state, regional, or provincial standards
  • Improve test scores · Meet curricular requirements
  • Foster relevant staff development
  • Provide measurable accountability for technology expenditures

Included are sidebars with advice and comments from educators who have successfully integrated technology initiatives with learning goals. Their experiences help light the path through the journey toward "getting it right" for 21st century learners.

1. Planning for the Future
2. Making Alignment Work
3. Planning for Success
4. Step 1: Focus on Learning, Not Technology
5. Step 2: Building a Broad Base of Understanding
6. Step 3: Commitment to High Levels of Staff Development
7. Step 4: Focus on Doing a Few Things Well
8. Step 5: Proceed Slowly
9. Step 6: Providing Adequate Resources
10. Step 7: Using Assessment to Steer Programs
11. Step 8: Use Research to Chart Your Path
12. Getting It Right: Summary

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ISBN: 9781412982375