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Getting Ready for Direct Practice in Social Work

Getting Ready for Direct Practice in Social Work

First Edition

July 2017 | 224 pages | Learning Matters
This practical book supports students to meet the requirements of the compulsory Readiness for Direct Practice assessment. Useful for social work students and lecturers alike, it takes each of the 9 domains that students are tested on, breaks them down step-by step and provides a range of interactive activities that enable them to acquire the knowledge, values and skills for practice required at this level. It offers students a foundation to the key areas of knowledge for each of the 9 domains, while also signposting them to other popular books in the Transforming Social Work Practice Series for a more detailed discussion as well.

Values and Ethics
Rights, Justice and Economic Wellbeing
Critical reflection and Analysis
Intervention and Skills
Contexts and Organisations
Professional Leadership
Pulling it altogether and preparing to practise

An essential book in preparing students for placements and practice

Ms Fungisai Mushawa
Department of Social Work and Health, Nottingham Trent University
May 5, 2020

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: Professionalism