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Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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May 2023 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In a globalised world, entrepreneurial ventures and innovation projects today tend to function internationally across a range of different countries and regions in order to be successful. It is vital therefore for entrepreneurs, innovators and indeed all business professionals to be thinking and acting with a global mindset.

This comprehensive textbook helps you to develop such a mindset by drawing on theory, research, examples and case studies. There is a strong focus on developing countries and emerging economies throughout the text given the centrality of these markets to successful business today. Dedicated chapters shine a unique spotlight on timely topics such as migration, immigration, ethnicity and digitalisation in relation to entrepreneurship. Case studies and examples are included from around the world and include small start-ups, SMEs and well-known international brands such as Amazon, Dyson and Uber.

Written in an accessible style for readers, there are additionally a wide range of learning features in each chapter including learning outcomes, summaries and discussion questions, alongside visual aids.

This text is essential reading for university and college courses related to international entrepreneurship and global innovation.

Sarika Pruthi is Associate Professor in the School of Global Innovation and Leadership at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, San José State University, USA.

Jay Mitra is Professor of Business Enterprise and Innovation and Director of the Venture Academy at Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK, and Visiting Professor at Luneburg University, Germany.

Entrepreneurship and Small Firms
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and Comparative Development of Entrepreneurship
The Local and Regional Dimensions of International Entrepreneurship
Theories of Small Firm Internationalization
Internationalization Strategies of Small Firms
Migration and Global Entrepreneurship
Immigrant and Ethnic Entrepreneurs
New Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Returnee Entrepreneurs
International New Ventures and Global Start-Ups
Digitization, Globalization, Trade and Entrepreneurship: The Currency of the 21st Century
Venture Capital
International Venture Capital

‘This new text on Global Entrepreneurship by Sarika Pruthi and Jay Mitra breaks new ground in our understanding of the frontiers and forces of globalization and how that generates prospects for entrepreneurship and innovation. For too long books on the subject have confused internationalization with globalization assuming that a firm’s internationalization strategy corresponds to its place in a globalized environment. The authors demystify this confusion deftly and explore a comprehensive range of topical issues affecting business creation and growth in different contexts where globalization has not necessarily meant a flat world of economic, social, and technological development. The chapters on globalization and migration, in particular, together with those of migrant and returnee entrepreneurs, the local and global nexus, and digitization offer a smart and nuanced approach to thinking about the trajectories and flows of entrepreneurial capability across the world.  A very interesting array of case studies bring the discourse to life. The book is a must read by all students of entrepreneurship, reflective practitioners and policy makers looking to develop new strategies and policies in a complex global environment.’

Sergio Arzeni
President, International Network for SMEs (INSME), Rome, Italy, and former Director of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Local Development, Paris, France

‘This book is an excellent contribution to our understanding of global entrepreneurship and innovation. Most importantly, it is a timely contribution as it proposes a thorough analysis of some current topics of a critical importance such as immigrant and returnee’s entrepreneurship, digitalization in entrepreneurship in a global context, but also the global and local paradox of global entrepreneurship. In this regard, this book complements very well the existing titles. It is a book of a great value for research scholars and instructors in global entrepreneurship.’

Elie Chrysostome
Professor of International Business, Ivey Business School at Western Ontario, Canada, and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Comparative International Management (JCIM)

‘This book provides a very useful and informative foundation in entrepreneurship, on a global scale. The book explains the various dimensions of international entrepreneurship, and highlights the role of innovation and key drivers of this phenomenon, critical to the success of national economies worldwide. Noting that educational materials in global entrepreneurship and innovation are quite limited, the text provides a practical and useful guide for students and practitioners alike. The book addresses significant and challenging issues. The writing is clear and highly accessible, providing information and knowledge that are useful, interesting, and engaging. The contents are comprehensive, covering all the key aspects of international entrepreneurship, including globalization, small firms, venture capital, strategy, with a particular focus on migration and immigrant entrepreneurship. The book is a must-read primer for anyone interested in international entrepreneurship. Written by top scholars in the field, Pruthi and Mitra have a flair for excellent writing and an arsenal of amazing facts and information that are state-of-the-art on international entrepreneurship. The book fills a major gap in an important area, vital to individual entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial firms, and nations seeking economic advancement. Bravo to the authors for writing such an engaging, informative, and useful volume.’

Gary Knight
Professor of Global Management, Helen Simpson Jackson Endowed Chair of International Management, Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University, USA

‘An excellent book that offers a unique and timely exploration and review of the global entrepreneurship and innovation fields incorporating, inter-alia, highly topical issues of migration, globalization, digital technology, and local-global dynamics. This is a must-read book by academic scholars, students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and other stakeholders who are interested in understanding issues related to globalization and internationalisation and their association with innovation of differently sized firms, economic growth and societal wellbeing.’

George Saridakis
Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, University of Kent, UK

‘Pruthi and Mitra’s ‘Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ offers a thoughtful, timely and comprehensive coverage of major issues in the field. It addresses issues related to the role of global entrepreneurship in economic and comparative development as well as local and regional forces shaping international entrepreneurship. I especially like the discussion on immigration and ethnic returnee entrepreneurship. The book is a great contribution to the literature and contemporary debates about the effect of digitalization, deglobalization, and decoupling. It is well written, well presented and supported by the best research results. The book will undoubtedly serve as a major reference for scholars all over the world. I compliment the authors on a job well done.’ 

Shaker A Zahra
Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship Department, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA

Useful contemporary insights, particularly with the emphasis on immigrant entrepreneurism.

Mr Nick Worthington
Business School, Exeter University
May 9, 2024

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