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Global Problems, Global Solutions

Global Problems, Global Solutions
Prospects for a Better World

August 2018 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Introduction to Part II Uncivil Society
Chapter 1. Private Troubles Public Issues
Chapter 2. Inequality and Development
Chapter 3. Starving in the Shadow of Plenty
Chapter 4. Optimizing Human Capital Good Health
Chapter 5. Expanding Horizons Through Life Long Learning
Chapter 6. Burned like the Sun or Frozen like Ice: Race, Ethnicity and Religion
Chapter 8. When Life Becomes a Commodity: Human and Wildlife Trafficking
Chapter 9. Transnational Property Crimes
Chapter 10. The Challenge of Political Violence: Violent Conflict and War
Chapter 11. Global Flows Refugees
Chapter 12. Environmental and Economic Migration
Chapter 13. Destruction and Depletion of the Natural Environment
Chapter 14. Climate Change and Global Warming
Chapter 15. Urbanization and the Lure of the City
Chapter 16. A World Gone Awry

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ISBN: 9781506347783