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Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management
An Integrated Approach

January 2019 | 345 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An international and cross-industry account of Global Talent Management, giving readers an overview of individuals as global talent, organisations as hubs for global talent, and the relationship of global talent with policy, society and economies.

By approaching this subject from a truly international perspective – with international case studies and practical insights from global employers - students are encouraged to think of themselves as ‘global talent’. This book aims to support students in developing the right skills, competencies and attributes needed to succeed in the highly competitive, and constantly evolving, global labour market.

Following on from the self-reflective section, the book then provides an overview of an organisation’s position in global talent development. With a discussion on current organisational approaches in the corporate and public sectors, and how organisations should position themselves in relation to attraction, development and retention of global talent.

The book also provides a critical insight into how global talent is affected by policy, society and the economy. Including an overview of contemporary challenges such as the global talent mismatch, demographic disruptions, and the interplay between global talent and economic competitiveness.

Essential reading for anyone studying Global Talent Management.

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