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Goal Focused Interviewing

Goal Focused Interviewing

Volume: 73

December 1997 | 151 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In Goal Focused Interviewing, Frank F. Maple presents his straightforward model for categorizing information elicited from clients. Building on his previous book, Dynamic Interviewing, the author takes readers beyond the therapeutic models presented in the past. This work reflects the movement in social work toward solution-focused therapy, or brief therapy. He has adapted this model for social work practice with individuals, families, and groups. This book is written in an engaging, interactive style, giving readers the opportunity to determine applicable interventions at key points in the realistic helping sessions presented. The author emphasizes techniques for focusing on competenciesùas opposed to deficitsùof help seekers and helpers. The choices of interventions provided show how constructive moves can positively influence outcomes. An appendix to the book includes additional cases in script form that allow the reader to help during significant points of each interview. In turn, the author has provided feedback in response to various intervention choices the readers make.

Learning Goal Focused Interviewing
Goal Focused Interviewing with an Individual Client
Using Goal Focused Interviewing with Groups
Goal Focused Interviewing with Families
Organizing Information
The Silent Interview
Other Uses of Goal Focused Interviewing
When a Client and a Helper Cannot Transform a Problem into a Goal Statement
A Few Closing Thoughts

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